I don't know how many of you guys knows this...

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DmC is a very different case to what I'm talking about here. Its Japanese and Western versions are the same game AFAIK, but it was a whole new game in an established franchise that from presumably early in development had a different style than its predecessors.

Bayonetta, on the other hand, is a single game so we wouldn't be talking about making a new game with a different style, we'd be talking about changing a game from its Japanese to Western release. Like I said, to my knowledge in recent years (which I said since it was easier to change the way games looked in the earlier years of gaming) there hasn't been a localization change as big as the one that would have been under consideration IF these concept drawings were made with Sega actually intending to consider changing Bayonetta's look for the US version of the game. And if there have I'm sure they're extremely rare. I have these reasons to doubt that, even if the art is real, a "western Bayonetta" redesign was ever a real thing.
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