Are there still people complaining that this isn't coming out on PS3/360/PS4/One

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Question in topic title
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I was bummed out when I heard Bayo 2 would be a Wii U exclusive, but I'm glad the game is getting made. I don't blame non-Wii U owners for wanting to speculate or have glimmer of hope that it will/might get ported. I own a PS1,2 & 3 and plan to get a PS4 in a few months. I'm somewhat of a Playstation fanboy and if I could have my way I would not want Bayonetta 2 exclusive to PS3/4 but instead multi-platform so everyone could play it and it would help the Bayonetta franchise.
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I agree with the above poster.

I do however have a problem when some people say that they'd rather have the game not exist at all rather than be a console exclusive. Or that Nintendo is doing a disservice to the franchise by helping another installment be created at all. That level of literally illogical nerd rage just makes me all cross eyed in confusion.
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OMG How many of these are people going to make? I swear people who post this are just trying to reignite flame wars!! People are going to port beg, Nintendo fans are going to port beg (yes I KNOW its hard to believe because apparently they NEVER do it according to this board...), Sony fans are going to port beg, Microsoft fans are going to port beg, port begging will be here to the end of time! If they think there will be a glimmer of hope that Bayonetta will come back to Sony and MS systems then let them think it. If Nintendo fans think that KHIII and FFXV and every other 3rd party game in the future are going to be put on Wii U then let them them think it. And judging by the PS4 and Xbox One board, they're too concerned with the games they are getting and playing now and it seems moreso that Bayonetta is not even in there thoughts, so the select few who are complaining do not make up the entire fanbase. Stop fanning the flames, for the love of GOD!
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So true, couldn't of been said better. I kinda forgot about Bayo 2 after seeing some of the upcoming stuff at E3. :)
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Just the ones that keep bugging Kamiya, Platinum Games to no end.

Remember reading they stop posting on Facebook because of the constant bickering that this is on Wii U.

It starting to die a little, but once the game comes out and reviews pour in, expect it to pick back up again.
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I still think that a Sigma-like expanded edition will be ported to PS4/One by the end of 2016.
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It could be worse like yet another topic about someone complaining about Bayonetta's short hair.
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Phoenixeater posted...
It could be worse like yet another topic about someone complaining about Bayonetta's short hair.

For me, I never had a problem with her having short hair. Yeah I prefer her having long hair, but I do like her having short hair also.