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To someone who has never played or seen Bayonetta before, give me some adviceRemixDeluxe710/24 10:29AM
Capcom should just give the DMC franchise to P*
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snake_dante442810/24 10:19AM
So Nintendo now officially has the best console exclusives of this generation.
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PrinceOfHot2110/24 10:13AM
That bit of cardboard that came with the first print edition is awesomeMobius1Rising110/24 10:08AM
Sweeet I just bought a wii U (just for this game)..Maiden6667310/24 10:07AM
How does hell look in this game compared to say Dante's Inferno(spoilers)?Herrx810/24 9:59AM
I didn't play Bayonetta. I have no time for this game.Arodnap710/24 9:50AM
i wish there was T and A in this game.NasclueXX110/24 9:23AM
I predict that future printings will only have a digital code for Bayo 1UncleGrubby310/24 9:21AM
PlatinumGames put more efforts into this than Korra
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kokobeng100001610/24 9:20AM
lolwutnaisu_boato910/24 9:17AM
I have the game! Ask me anythingspincyclematt410/24 8:54AM
For anyone else who already has it are you getting audio issues during cutscenesgohan1001010/24 8:33AM
This is guy is a grand master. Too godlike.MasterChidi810/24 8:29AM
Is there any unlockable diffictulies?Wolfie_Claws510/24 8:27AM
Why am I so excited for this game?yossarian9210/24 8:26AM
How many bosses so far(spoilers)?Herrx510/24 8:03AM
Bayonetta's Look - Original vs. New (Poll)
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Exo_Icarus4110/24 8:00AM
What is the discount (please confirm)?SonicDolphin117310/24 7:43AM
So I just purchased a costume at the shop.spikethedevil810/24 6:41AM