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Does anything transfer from the first game to the second?lavagolem123212/19 1:14AM
Does it bother anyone else when someone says the story is incidental?
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Sitting on angels face torture move?
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Devil may cry 1 and 3 were better.
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i just got the 2 disc version, which game should i plat firsr?elbarto1912/17 6:02PM
so Gamespot give the WiiU GOTY to MK8.UltimateSol412/17 3:09PM
You can vote for Bayo 2 in Cubed3's game awardsCrocomire312/17 6:28AM
Why don't they celebrate or...move a little?Green_Puff1012/17 2:40AM
Audio Question (Closed)cronot311012/16 11:55PM
Missing One broken witch heart?Gallic420212/16 5:19PM
Operation Platnium! Recommended Bayonetta to my friends in school today...
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Should I replay Bayonetta 1?Green_Puff212/16 10:36AM
Decent but not great player. On normal. Any suggested item/accessory order?ChicagoTed_312/16 10:19AM
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Any advice for Rodin?
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Plot Hole with Loki and Angels? (Possible minor spoilers?)
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I have all 50 Umbran Tears of Blood but Climax Bracelet is NOT in the shop!Levelmaster812/15 12:34PM
Bayonetta Figure/Statue?jackorhoads312/15 4:11AM
Umbra final resting place?Green_Puff212/15 1:25AM
So what do I need to do to get everything in the game (custome/accesories)Dark Gunner412/14 10:05PM