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Climax Bracelet Help! (Archived)darkslayer001511/9 1:34PM
Missing Accessories (Archived)LostSoulCalibur211/9 1:00PM
Rodin Cutscenes? (Archived)TheUragaan511/9 11:27AM
Move set for Lumen Sage (Archived)PhantomSoD311/9 10:30AM
Total amount of umbran climax pearls (Archived)hokuto_master311/9 10:13AM
Bayonetta is strong BUT is she strong enough to beat Madara Uchiha? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Krauser42o2211/9 10:11AM
climax bracelet #2 (Archived)arkmana211/9 10:10AM
Did anyone else find the Ninja Cat from Revengeance? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ippongi_Ryuta1311/9 8:19AM
PSA about verses in credits (Archived)ThelceManCometh211/9 6:51AM
Needing to step away from button mashing... (Archived)Qosin711/9 6:46AM
guide to finding all hearts and whatnot? (Archived)eliteoneXP411/9 2:50AM
Is Witch time with Jeanne even possible? (Archived)Ariel_Service511/9 1:37AM
Replaying Verses for Pure Platinum (Archived)Dsouvan711/9 1:20AM
Chernobog reminds me of Crescent Rose from RWBY (Archived)Lansfield111/9 1:20AM
apparently i missed the last verse of chapter 16 somehow (Archived)1ItalnStalln1511/9 12:08AM
Any gamestop fans here? (Archived)HappyUnicorn101611/8 10:39PM
Can you get all of the verse cards by playing with just the CPU? (Archived)ssufurjin311/8 8:59PM
Garbage online partners (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
sin_shenron1811/8 8:33PM
Is it just me or are enraged enemies more brutal in this game? (Archived)-bled_out-color711/8 8:32PM
Chapter 11 alma rip off? (Archived)Yuri_LowelI411/8 8:18PM
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