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Best way to grind Halos? Also where to unlock all the costumes and weapons? (Archived)gfaqster511/6 8:47AM
The 5th witch trails (Archived)COOLJ808511/6 6:09AM
Missing two heart pieces (Archived)JusticeLeaguer8511/6 4:42AM
It looks like I " unlocked " (Archived)bladedwraith1511/6 4:16AM
omg! **** crow #17 (Archived)SoulBlayZ211/6 2:54AM
So what is up with the birds that fly away? (Archived)phoenixpony311/6 1:22AM
still haven't touched this game yet! (Archived)Punda_Prime211/6 12:33AM
friggin ******* Crow in Vigrid (Archived)Saidie211/6 12:15AM
Zero punctuation: Bayonetta 2 review (Archived)GoBaK2LeKitCheN1011/5 11:50PM
Cant believe I played through the first game without unlocking Odette -spoilers- (Archived)TanyaGD211/5 11:33PM
"So that's how that works." *Chapter 11 or 12 spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
UbberDevil1211/5 9:58PM
favorite weapons that got spiritual successors in Bayo 2. (Archived)Saidie411/5 9:39PM
Take dat 3rd Climax (Archived)Saidie111/5 9:07PM
get down or gandarf (Archived)Bluemagic21111/5 8:58PM
does any game shopkeeper play this game on their shop display? (Archived)Ajat_adri611/5 8:56PM
Jeanne summoning animation(?) (Archived)Illuminanc31011/5 8:13PM
I cant believe I just realized this about a voice actor (not a spoiler) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Vaultboy851911/5 8:05PM
anyone disappointed... (Archived)darkslayer001411/5 8:03PM
I'm missing just ONE fragment of Heart! Any possible locations? (Archived)ALISHOCK911/5 8:01PM
Can someone explain a few plot points, please? *Spoilers* (Archived)Mariofan4ever1011/5 7:59PM
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