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surprised there's been no streams or videos yet.... (Archived)
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I'm glad to see the game wasn't toned down by Nintendo. (Archived)
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Moon River (HD) *Spoilers if you care about being surprised by the song* (Archived)Extrain59/23 1:48AM
So is the 360 version still better than the Wii U Bayonetta? (Archived)HakuMan11138669/22 3:12PM
Bowser Finisher on video? (Archived)KhaosKruzer49/22 2:38PM
Any weapons we don't know about? (Archived)
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How many chapters does this game have ? (Archived)gamersince199329/22 12:10AM
In honor of Bayo... (Archived)SaintBoot69/21 9:47PM
Moon River (Infinite Climax Mix) Full and clear Version (no background sounds) (Archived)ALISHOCK69/21 8:46PM
Download size for both games? (Archived)zergslayer6939/21 6:46PM
How to get the costumes (Archived)
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Is the white dress an unlockable costume? (Archived)PaleTunaPls49/21 8:52AM
So what's your score if you've played the game early? (Archived)
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Prologue Costume Confirmed (For Bayo and Jeanne then) (Archived)Extrain19/21 5:56AM
Smooth 60fps Prologue Gameplay *Bayonetta 1* (Archived)Extrain69/21 2:27AM
Masked Lumen Identity Revealed *Major Spoilers* (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 Combo Movie (Archived)Extrain49/21 1:24AM
Lightning sings Bayonetta 2's "Tomorrow Is Mine" with a Piano. (Archived)
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Going to look for any shotguns as soon I play the 1st level (Archived)blackhrt19/20 11:32PM
What kind of game is Bayonetta exactly? (Archived)
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