So Japan gets this game months before we do....

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Thinker #2:
Why do half of the people on this board seem to only be able to communicate via outdated internet cliches?
"Cry about it"
"Here's a flame shield"

etc etc
Are you guys incapable of original thought beyond "OMG JAPAN, GLORIOUS NIPPON DESU"

My heritage is Russian. I care not for Japan, their tiny cellphones, crowded public transit systems, or their women's inability to grow breasts. I also do not care for their idea of "horror movie" consists of "ghost girl with crappy hair stumbling around slowly at things".

>Not liking DFC

I bet you love disgusting cow breasts.
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From: AngryOldFeral | #038

My heritage is Russian. I care not for Japan,

I imagine not

I know, right? All we wanted to do was go and subjugate Korea and Manchuria's people so we could have a place to park our awesome boats, and Japan had to just be a total dick about the whole thing.

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>Not liking DFC

I bet you love disgusting cow breasts.

Is that the term you use to describe "breasts that make it so your experience doesn't resemble carnal acts with a 13-year-old boy"? If so, yes. I'm a huge fan. :)
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Get over it
Seeing as the 3DS version was never going to be released over here and now will for the Wii U verion of the game for cross platforming which is great.

Also japan will always get it before us, its a HUGE thing over there....also waiting 4 months isn't all that long to be ohnest
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It's not so bad and at least we should be able to get some gameplay vids to tie us over.

I just need to find some other game to tide me over, nothing is really reaching out to me at this time outside of mario.
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