Looks like MH is nintendos little pet now.

#11DryMaltExtractPosted 11/21/2012 2:39:21 PM
coachroche posted...
but they're rarely as openly antagonistic to their consumers and collaborators as Sony is

They have merely switched places, for now. Nintendo used to be very hostile to developers.
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good riddance sony
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Its certainly lookin' this way... I'm just glad Nintendo discovered HD, finally, though. Just in the knick of time, too, considering MH3U is a pretty big release and the Wii Monster Hunter titles seemed to be on par with the PSP - a handheld, no less - if not lacking compared to 'em.

I still wish for a port of this to PS3, as well as PSP or Vita since, again, another version of MH on a Nintendo console is going to be severely lacking (see: MH3U on 3DS lacks online), but MH3U just might get me to buy a Wii U sooner than I planned.
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Maybe it'll end up being good for Capcom.
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Don't worry, MH4 will get console ports within a year. Probably a PS3 one.
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Dark_Link92 posted...
Don't worry, MH4 will get console ports within a year. Probably a PS3 one.

I doubt that.
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I'm getting this in march, but I'm sure MH will be on a sony or MS console in 2014

We are talking about capcom guys,,, they only care about $$$$$