Plessy ain't Plessy anymore

#1boonieeaterPosted 11/26/2012 3:18:15 AM
Lame. Terrible.
Maze, Twig(Harry) n Top(Loyd): The MH Stoogies.
A toy with a nail that spins like a dummy? Stupid. Lame. Terrible.
#2LeftoverLotionPosted 11/27/2012 1:19:33 AM(edited)
Tough Tonka Trucks
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#3LionHeartSJTPosted 11/27/2012 7:50:17 AM
Ok i'll ask
Why isn't the Plesioth a Plesioth?
#4t3hNubPosted 11/27/2012 12:03:03 PM(edited)
inb4 reason is "broken hitboxes/attacks are fixed"
Don't get hit and hit it until it dies, in that order.
Kill it, carve it, wear it, repeat it.
#5LionHeartSJTPosted 11/28/2012 3:03:16 AM
Im just thinking that it was annoying to fight out of the water....under water should hopefully be a nice challenge :)