Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - What's Different from Tri? FAQ

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Great post! I wonder why it wasn't done sooner?
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===Black Diablos===
*Technically not a subspecies, this has been confirmed to be a female Diablos [during mating season] (as in female blos during nonmating season are also brown as normal)

===Agnaktor Subspecies===
*Armor works opposite of normal Agnaktor--gets [harder] as it burrows
*Armor works opposite of normal Agnaktor--gets softer as it [thaws]
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Stickie request sent.
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No mentioning of 60 FPS and Dynamic Shadowing?
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Awesome! Thanks alot.
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Sticky please.

Help cut down on this being asked again and again as we approach release date.
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Sticky sticky sticky.
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Very good, sticky requested.
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Good job, requested a sticky as well.

For this: *4 new weapon types: Dual Sword, Gunlance, Hunting Horn and Bow. All the weapons from Tri return. You might want to mention that there's no more medium bowgun though, just light and heavy.
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