Original Hunter Name Or Someone Iconic?

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2 years ago#1
I can't decide whether or not to use my real name, or use a name from my favorite anime. What are you guys going to do and what do you think I should go with??!
Xbox Live Tag: Trill Johnson
2 years ago#2
Just use a nickname
If you always use your name - then use that
2 years ago#3
No Zombie is safe from Chicago Ted
2 years ago#4
Link, or Cloud.
PSN ID: CrimsonSamuraiX
2 years ago#5

or extremegamer1995
2 years ago#6
Skrillex, DROPBASS, WEED420, or dante666
2 years ago#7
Personally, I usually go with natural disasters as a name. TSUNAMI and TYPHOON are my main and alt, respectively.

...But I think I'll go with a different name when the game comes out. Starting fresh, y'know?
PSN: MrSeizo
Quality over Quantity
2 years ago#8
2 years ago#9
10 character limit on names:

Confession Time: I am a button masher
2 years ago#10
The sarcasm is strong in this thread.
"WII stands for "Wow I'm Injured"
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  3. Original Hunter Name Or Someone Iconic?

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