Original Hunter Name Or Someone Iconic?

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3 years ago#11
ChicagoTed_ posted...
What do i have to do to set the language to English? because my game is in Japanese - joetendo69
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3 years ago#12
DLOArceus posted...
ChicagoTed_ posted...

everyone will be flocking to your room if you strut with the name Alex.
Today is the Tomorrow you were promised Yesterday
3 years ago#13
DLOArceus posted...
ChicagoTed_ posted...
3 years ago#14
my main hunter has ALWAYS been Gabrosh in every MH game i've played.
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3 years ago#15
Jack, Jack he's a psycho maniac.
Rainbow dolphins that leap out from a cloud of confetti?
Brilliant! - wikido
3 years ago#16
Unoriginal for me.
I always have trouble coming up with original names I like.
So she will be red headed & names Erza.
Cause I luvz me some Erza :)
Always trying to make myself seem stronger....
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3 years ago#17
6 MONTHS!? Jesus that's a long attention span... I'm lucky if I can pay attention for more than
3 years ago#18
I was thinking Gajeel or Guildarts :P Not sure yet tho
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3 years ago#19
Probably gonna go with one of my PSO names, or something similar. Kireek might make an appearance, especially if there is a scythe weapon...which I'm sure there is.
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3 years ago#20

^Since everyone can have the same name, /topic.
Crazy bellringer was right, there's money to be made in a place like this.
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