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3 years ago#1
Ok, sorry if this has been answered, but I've never played any of the MH series. I'm intrigued about the local play through the 3DS and WiiU connectivity as my wife and I love to play video games together. However, I have a few questions.

What I'm curious about is what is the general dynamic of this game? Is it a loot based game like Borderlands or Diablo? Do you level up like in an action RPG? How does the coop work? Do the monsters get stronger depending on how many people you have in your party (ala Borderlands)? Does the game have some overarching campaign or is it just go out and kill monsters? Is there any games that this compares to?

For the local coop can you switch between 3DS and WiiU? In other words, could I be playing on the 3DS and my wife on the WiiU and then we could switch off so one person isn't on one system or the other each time? Could one of us play by ourselves for a while and the other jump in, and how does the quest dynamic work in that case? We both have 3DS's too, so would you recommend going with dual 3DS play rather than 3DS/WiiU play?

Finally, what is the length of the game and replayability? If we got a WiiU and 3DS version or two 3DS versions we'd be investing $80-$100. Is it worth that type of investment?

I'm intrigued by this game, but would love to get input from people familiar with the series. Thanks in advance!
WeirdJohn: The King Of Safe Haven!
3 years ago#2
-you gain experience...not experience points.

-you become skilled, rather than gaining "skills"

-your ability to adapt improves as you learn, without needing new "abilities"

this game is very rewarding if you have the time for it.
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3 years ago#3
Ok, so you don't level up as much as you learn new skills etc. Got it.
WeirdJohn: The King Of Safe Haven!
3 years ago#4
all loot based, basically the monster you kill drops "monster parts" scales, shell, fur, and claw and all the other good stuff. You use these item to manufacture armor and weapon that are themed to the monster part ie. Killing a monster known as Jaggi will drop jaggie hide, Jaggie claw, jaggy scales which are used to make Jaggi themed weapons.
So as you gain more armor it will help you take less damage, but one thing about this game is that its mostly skill based and you can't rely on the armor or potion spam to cheese your way out.

Regarding Multiplayer
WiiU - Online Capable can also local with 3 other 3DS (but you can't not use the WiiU as a tether to take those 3DS online.)
3DS - up to for may play together local coop (sitting right next to each other)

There will be a save transfer program that will move the saves back and forth.

Lots of vets here have dropped thousands of hour in this series stretching back from PS2 era it. It all depends on how far you want to take it, you can fight the final monster and call it a day, or strive to get everything possible. Even achieving that you can still mess around online and also help newbies.

Combat system requires you get get out of the "Kingdom Hearts/Dynasty Warrior" hack and slash mindset. Realizing your 100lb sword will behave like a 100lb sword seems like a major problem that new players encounter. The game is hard but fair, as long as you take some time to learn the weapon your using, and the monster's behavior you should be fine. Death will be common for new players, even vets do die from time to time from unlucky combos and general fumble.
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3 years ago#5
Thanks Houten. Sounds intriguing. I get the feeling my wife and I would have a lot of fun teaming up to take down monsters and building new armors etc.

Can you trade items between players? So if I have a piece she needs for an armor can I give it to her?
WeirdJohn: The King Of Safe Haven!
3 years ago#6
You can't trade items beyond a certain rarity. Basically anything that drops from a monster can't be traded to avoid boosting players through the game quickly.

But you can trade support items like potions, antidotes, traps, and the like.
Duba Dubababa Ba Da! Dub?
3 years ago#7
you can only trade certain consumable items, not monster parts or anything like that.
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3 years ago#8
Each item is assigned a rarity #, you won't be able to trade beyond rarity 3. Most of the consumables are within the limit but nearly all monster parts are Rare 4 and beyond.
Is it so hard to for people to just be fans of videogames?
3 years ago#9
I'll answer your questions in order:

You gain new materials by killing the monsters and harvesting the parts of them that yield those materials,you'll NEVER find equipment or armor unless you craft them or buy them.You can also use pickaxes and mine for crystals,ore and other similar materials.

Your hunter never gets experience points that you can use to increase their skills because MH doesn't use a skill tree.If you want to get more proficient with a certain weapon type then use that weapon type more and your hunter will get better with it.

You can do co-op quests,free hunt,the arena and you can do co-op gathering,harvesting and mining ventures if you choose.The latter isn't an optional venture but you can do it instead of hunting during the free hunt.

No,but you'll face more hard monsters at the same time than you would solo.

The MH story is usually that you are the new hunter that has arrived to the villwge and you're taking over for the old hunter and you need to harvest goods and help repair the village by getting supplies and upgrading it.

It loosely compares to the Vita game Ragnarok Odyssey

Yes,you'll have to move your character from the Wii U to the 3DS and then move the other character from the 3DS to the Wii U.

To go on solo quests you have to go to the quest counter and accept the quest.

Co-op quests require that you go to the city (whose access is usually close to the quest counter) and you go to the quest counter within the city and select the quest you want and wait for other hunters that want to do the same quest.You can also pick a private co-op quest if you want to play with friends or your wife.

I'd recommend going with the Wii U/3DS combo.The 3DS version doesn't have online play and you'd miss out on co-op if your wife wasn't wanting to play and you can experience both versions if you buy the Wii U/3DS combo instead of the 3DS/3DS combo.

In Tri (the MH game that this is a overhaul of) I had put in 18 hours of gameplay but I was only on the second quest because I wanted to craft the best starting armor and weapons that I could.Alot of people typically retire from a MH game after they've hit the 1,000 hour mark.

I'm buying the Wii U/3DS combo for myself,I'd highly recommend it since there is two of y'all.

I'm no MH vet,I only 20 hours invested in Tri and 13 hours invested in the PSP game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU).

The MH games are alot of fun and really enjoyable once you get the hang of the gameplay mechanics and controls.

I recommend buying MHFU if you have a PSP or Vita because MH's controls and gameplay mechanics haven't changed but they've been refined and smoothed out.

Your cheapest option is to buy the demo disk for MH Tri,it isn't a huge demo but it's playable on the Wii U (using Wiimote+nunchuk or CCP) and will give a a small feel for the gameplay.

I hope this stuff was helpful,NYA!
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3 years ago#10
WeirdJohn posted...
Ok, so you don't level up as much as you learn new skills etc. Got it.

you don't level up at all. see, you put time in to gather/hunt, and you get scraps of different things, and depending on how you spend your time, you may have more monster parts than mining materials, or more mining materials than bones, etc.etc.

you get out what you put in, in every sense of the phrase. that's where the reward comes from.
-Every fanboy needs a troll to keep him disillusioned.
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