I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

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chaoscontrol325 posted...
I'll keep it brief. **** no.

Well said. :)
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I think the topic was meant to be a bit of a joke, given your examples of 'productive' uses of time.

That said, if you honestly ever have to ask yourself if 'X' is the age where you should stop playing video games, then chances are the answer is already 'yes' for you.
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God I hope not... next month I'll be turning 50, and I've been playing video games for almost 3.5 decades. I've served in the military, worked a full time job since then, got married, have a step-daughter and own a home... it is possible to play video games AND have a life outside them.
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28 here, it's my hobby, don't think I'll stop anytime soon
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AstronomerJake posted...
since we could be more productive doing other activities.

it's simple. just be nice.
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Ill be 30 in July and I still play video games...maybe not as much as I did when I was 20, but I still do (family responsibilities and the fact that I am too broke to buy a new game every week:P)
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Yes, time to man up and start walking in circles around trees; like the big boys.
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I am 29 and still going strong! Henshin A Go Go Baby!!! lol Proud to be a gamer so I say enjoy yourself and forget what anyone else says or thinks and I have been doing it since I was the tender age of 4.
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Definitely not too old, heck, i'm 41 and will be picking up my copy of Tomb Raider today. My mother-in-law is 70 and plays Scrabble and a few other games on her iPad and has a little electronic Yahtzee game. These may not be console but still rated as games. So, you have many years to play.
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