I just turned 20. Is 20 years old too old an age to be playing video games?

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3 years ago#51
AstronomerJake posted...
And particularly, rpg's/adventure games with a lot of grinding in them, which Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate may have.

I sort of feel guilty playing a game like this, that has hundreds of ours of gameplay, when I could be doing other stuff outside like throwing frisbees, going for walks, or running around in circles around a tree.

I sort of feel like 20+ years old gamers should stick to either playing really short games like arcade ones, or quite altogether, since we could be more productive doing other activities.

so your one of those people
3 years ago#52
The only time you can be too old for video games is if you're finally unable to grasp any type of controller.
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3 years ago#53
The majority of gamers are over 30. Makes sense really, They started on the NES and in arcades and just never stopped.

Video Games are not really a children's pass time anymore.
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3 years ago#54
When a man begins to question the validity of doing something, then it's probably time to move on.

Still can't tell if TC is srs though.
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3 years ago#55
T3H_1337_N1NJ4 posted...
24. Almost 25. Sure as hell don't feel bad about it. It's my hobby and I love it.

exactly my case and probably never stop playing
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3 years ago#56
As I see it age has nothing to do with playing games. Older players tend to have slower the reaction times though.
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3 years ago#57
I'm sorry but is TC a troll? The comment about the running circles around a tree makes this really hard to take seriously......
3 years ago#58
I'm 1,200 years old and what is this
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3 years ago#59
There's nothing wrong with playing games as a 20 year old. Just don't tell people it's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Just lie and say it's Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Skyrim or some other game that requires big boy pants.
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3 years ago#60
Phoslus posted...
wow... im only 15... :p
Though, unlike most gamers my age, I'm actually pretty mature
I'll play video games until I die :D

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