Why no SnS love?

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User Info: Jin66

4 years ago#1
I've noticed no one uses SnS online or talks about it at all. Is it not a particularly good weapon? I've loved using it so far and the agility helps a lot. The only pain is having to sharpen my weapon all the time.

Any Pro hunters use this as their main weapon or any reasons why it should/ shouldn't be used?

User Info: Shybaason

4 years ago#2
it's "too difficult" for your average player to use as well as any other weapon thats why

User Info: FiReyDRaGO71157

4 years ago#3
Shybaason posted...
it's "too difficult" for your average player to use as well as any other weapon thats why

It's actually terrible at everything.
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User Info: firefoxred

4 years ago#4
You must not have ever played with me. Its really the only thing I use when I am not using my Light bowgun.
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User Info: GuardianShadow0

4 years ago#5
It has the lowest damage output and DS now do a much better job with elemental and status attacks. It's a good beginner's weapon and is still useful, but other weapons do everything it does better.

User Info: ZerostremeX3

4 years ago#6
I'm definitely far from pro, but I enjoy using it for elemental damage. I can block, use items on the fly, and just feel pretty agile in general when using it. Just got Djinn so I generally try to find a reason to whip it out XD
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User Info: Alexandrious1

4 years ago#7
They may as well remove it from the game, once MH4 is out, Charge Axe will replace it utterly -_-.

I used to use Sword and Shield in Tri, it was my main weapon, always used it, but now Dual Blades are out, and im loving it.
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User Info: bladedwraith

4 years ago#8
Anyone that is remotely good at this game knows the SnS is a fine weapon.

Not the best, but a fine weapon.

These same people that say ' LOL IT SUCKS BRAH" are the same people that think a Rapid Fire Gunner can't do good damage either.

User Info: Xano1234

4 years ago#9
I just crafted my first SnS for my Jaggi set. Usually use a switch axe. I like the speed of the attacks, but I do notice I do a lot less damage. I am however significantly more mobile than I used to be. Overall, I find it to be a fun weapon. I think Switch Axe and Sword and Shield are going to be my main weapons.
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User Info: ZyloWolfBane

4 years ago#10
It's a good weapon if you're using proper elemental damage on each hunt, or status effects. Otherwise you're better off using something else.
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