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#1AthenaADPPosted 3/27/2013 1:46:50 AM

I've manged to reverse-engineer the Fishing Boat algorithm. You can use this tool to find out what charm table you are on based on the results of sending boats to the Moga Coast (30p) and entering the items in the order you receive them.

It's pretty basic, but it seems to work fairly well. Let me know if you want any more features or find any bugs. Thanks!

PS, after some more research, I found that the odds of landing on a cursed table, if you make a new character blindly, are about 0.86% (Specifically 562/65363).

PPS: sorry but it's very, very late and I need to sleep, so I won't be able to respond for some time.
#2nessonett106Posted 3/27/2013 1:49:16 AM
Amazing.... thankyou :D

I think i might check what I ended up on.... No way im restarting though
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#3CanadianShadowPosted 3/27/2013 1:54:36 AM
Works fantastically , thank you very much. Simple is good :).
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#4RyuniPosted 3/27/2013 1:59:17 AM
Brilliant, good work Athena.
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#5matodaPosted 3/27/2013 2:01:33 AM
nice :D
You look well, child.
#6inf3rn0_munkeePosted 3/27/2013 2:08:02 AM
Awesome stuff Athena. Thank you so much!
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#7nessonett106Posted 3/27/2013 2:09:01 AM
Just tried using it, and after 2 rows of fish it narrowed it down to 1 table for me. Very simple to use.
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#8cannavaro9Posted 3/27/2013 2:32:26 AM
You're so awesome.

And....I just randomly created a char back then without knowing about cursed tables.

When I read about it I checked via charms and was fine since I didn't have a cursed table, though I didn't know which non-cursed one I got.

Now, as it turns out, I actually have table 10. Just by pure luck. Yay me.
#9SKStylezPosted 3/27/2013 2:42:06 AM
Athena strikes again..! Great to have ya around :}
#10Rawrman15Posted 3/27/2013 2:49:15 AM
Excellent. Table 6.
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