Throwing Knives?

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User Info: momo_hammer

4 years ago#1
Pardon if this gets asked frequently, but is it possible to craft throwing knives? I've been on a big poison kick lately (Bnahabra armor and Wroggi Sword until I can scrounge up something less... Longswordy), and really enjoyed the supplied Poison Knives in the Royal Ludroth hunt. Is it possible to make throwing / poison knives?

From what I've read, it wasn't possible in past iterations (Tri, for example), but I was hoping something might have changed for Ultimate... maybe they're suddenly craftable?

User Info: Wyvern72

4 years ago#2

User Info: xhan

4 years ago#3
toadstool+throwing knife = poisoned throwing knife

its even in the combo list ...

User Info: nessonett106

4 years ago#4
Only you can only get throwing knives in very specific ways. like supply boxes or looting cats etc. And they get taken off you at end of hunt.
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