This game has the most stupid people playing..

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I have never used a Max Potion or an Ancient Potion, although on harder quests where I might die if something goes badly wrong I usually carry one Ancient Potion just in case of emergencies.
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Tinithor posted...
Max Potions are only an issue if you're undergeared for a fight. Really you should ALWAYS have150 health from food to start in G Rank, but its understandable to get unlucky and get combo from full to nothing, thats why the Max potion is useful so that you aren't handicapped for the rest of the mission.

By the way does anyone know when you get the drink upgrades? Are those from the village requests or is it in G rank or something? I've done like all the canteen quests 5 star and below and my drinks are both still 0 star.

I think the HR7 canteen quest upgrades the drinks.
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#43YoukaiSlayerPosted 4/1/2013 9:30:45 AM
I think the online jhen (in 5*?) upgrades drinks as well as the canteen quest in HR 8 (green plessy and royal ludroth in the arena). No idea what the other quest is but its probly the HR 7 quest as mentioned.
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TC don't sound like an elitist to me, your just giving good info that they should listen too.
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Lol, nice rant.
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ive never made a max pot or used a max pot that wasnt given to me(in arena or whatever)

2.this is why i dont play with others as im seen as "bossy" because i ask people to come prepared to X monster

3.i hate leeches [:
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I don't waste Max Potions when pugging.

Just use Nutrients.
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