A question about Shakalaka Mask leveling

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3 years ago#1
Does anyone know exactly how many Well-Done Steaks you have to feed one of them to get their mask to level 5, from 0? It seems to me to be around 80 ~ 100. I've heard 50, but that's not right.

So yeah, anyone got any info, or a link to updated info?
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3 years ago#2
Depends how many you use per quest.

If it hasn't changed since Tri read couple posts down here for numbers:

3 years ago#3
Here's a question: will poison meats level them? We can buy them pretty cheap
3 years ago#4
They do, but the point gain is so small compared to a well-done steak, it's not worth the effort.
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3 years ago#5
Even reading what was in that other topic you posted the link of, my own testing today has shown that if you always feed them two outside Moga Village, then return to village, it takes about:

0 -> 1 = 12 Well-Done Steaks

1 -> 2 = 16 Well-Done Steaks

2 -> 3 = 20 Well-Done Steaks

3 -> 4 = 24 Well-Done Steaks

4 -> 5 = 28 Well-Done Steaks

A definite on that last one. Took me 28, doing 2 at a time. According to the data in the link you posted, it would be more worthwhile to use 1, then go back to the village, since it gives 7 points, and the second gives only 3. I wish I knew that before, as it would have saved me quite a few steaks.
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3 years ago#6
Is five the max level?
3 years ago#7
Yeah, 5 is the max level for all masks.
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3 years ago#8
If you dont get a new ability slot, what changes between levels? Also whats the max level for the shakalakas themselves?
3 years ago#9
I'm not quite sure yet about the max level for them by themselves yet. My Cha-Cha is level 44 currently. Mastery 5 now on his Rathalos Mask, with Attack Boost and Rage. (Maxed at 2 slots apparently) 420 Attack power, and his attack raised every time the mask leveled up.

When masks level, I've noticed some things do boost, and also others it doesn't show directly in their status screens.

For example, my Kayamba has a level 5 Ultimate Mask. It doesn't reflect what it does directly and maxed at 1 slot regardless of it being level 5. The up-side to this mask, however, is that when he goes into rage mode, it'll take him longer to kill himself, as in earlier levels his health went down faster. I put the "Gatherer" ability on him recently, and it made him an invincible gatherer. Pretty nifty, I'd say. Putting "Speedy Recovery" on him is good too.

He normally will never gather with the Ultimate Mask, but with that ability he will, but won't attack either. (as intended)

Anyhow. I would guess the max level to be 50, but that'll take me a while to get to. I sure hope it's 99 but I'm not crossing my fingers on that one.
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3 years ago#10
I did some more testing, and this time using 1, then going back into the village, and repeating it till their mask levels up. I followed their "points system" from the link given earlier too. The number of steaks is from scratch at said level, not total.

All at 7 points (EXP) per steak:

0 -> 1 = 3 Well-Done Steaks - 21 points (EXP) 3 total steaks

1 -> 2 = 6 Well-Done Steaks - 63 points (EXP) 9 total steaks

2 -> 3 = 9 Well-Done Steaks - 126 points (EXP) 18 total steaks

3 -> 4 = 12 Well-Done Steaks - 204 points (EXP) 30 total steaks

4 -> 5 = 15(?) Well-Done Steaks - 305 points (EXP) 45 total steaks

(Didn't go to this one on the new mask I leveled; Mystery Pot Mask)

It seems so far that the topic in the link given earlier in this thread was fairly accurate, and may be unchanged in this game. It also seems to me, though, that some masks take more "EXP" than others, such as the Ultimate Mask and Rathalos Mask. Took 16 from 3 to 4 and 20 from 4 to 5 with the Mock Melynx Mask, too.

Well I guess I have a rough break-down of what's needed to level masks here, given you haven't killed anything with them or used the masks at all, which would change how many steaks you need, more or less.

Something like this should be stickied to be found better, but in a new topic if someone posted it.
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