[PSA] - How to search for a multiplayer room in network mode

#1ShakeNBakeUKPosted 4/11/2013 11:51:45 AM(edited)
Step 1) Join ANY World / Lobby (doesn't need to be 100/100 or anything)

Step 2) Select "Search for a room"

Step 3) For "World Type" select "ANY"

Step 4) Select your target monster that you need parts from

Step 5) Select # of players or leave as any.

Step 6) Set password option to "none"

Step 7) Hit Search!

Step 8) ???

Step 9) Profit! The search engine will search all rooms in all lobbies in all worlds for your target monster and bring you up a list. Beginner = likely to be low rank monster, Experts = likely to be high rank monster, G-Rank = likely to be G-Rank monster.

Other pr0 tips for finding / hosting rooms:

- If making your own rooms, ALWAYS list the HR range somewhere in room title e.g. HR3+ for high rank monster / quests etc.

- If making your own rooms, also list your goal in the title. Quests / Rank up / Farm / Turns etc.

- If making your own rooms, do NOT make them in a lobby with 100/100 population, because it will be difficult for people to join it.

- If searching for rooms, use the search feature instead of just hopping in and out of various lobbies for a much faster and more efficient room search process..!

- Don't be afraid to join rooms with 1/4 hunters in.

- Don't join a room, then leave without saying a single word (especially if they are on a quest. If they don't respond - fine).

Thanks and GL HF, now spread the word so I don't have to wait forever for hunters to join my rooms in low population cities ;D
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#2lufia22Posted 4/11/2013 12:21:22 PM
If you're low rank and you're searching for any world, make sure you don't join a G-rank (or even high rank) room.