Kayamba, I LOVE YOU!

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User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#1
I've hunted 15 Brachydios, and I hate doing so. I cut the tail every single time I kill it, and get the three carves, so each of those is a 2% chance - that makes 60 carve attempts for a 2% chance, just edging out "unlucky." I finished my quest...and I decided to check my Shakalakas' inventories, and Kayamba had the gem. Finally. I love the little guy. He is now my new best friend.

User Info: EspharianRage

4 years ago#2
Kayamba and Cha-Cha have both earned my love. I've gotten the last plate or gem or jasper that I've really wanted at times, even some that I don't need so far.
Monster Hunter, best hunting with Right Analog. I am NOT letting that go!

User Info: x9Tailsx

4 years ago#3
Nothing better than watching Kayamba boomerang a Rathalos out of the air and bringing it crashing back down to earth.

Epic moments and moves like Jagger, what more do you need from a Shakalaka.

User Info: ThatGuyOverDer

4 years ago#4
^ Except for Cha - Cha cutting the Alatreon's tail and Kayamba getting the finishing blow :p
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User Info: x9Tailsx

4 years ago#5
ThatGuyOverDer posted...
^ Except for Cha - Cha cutting the Alatreon's tail and Kayamba getting the finishing blow :p

Haha! That would be awesome to see, not that far in village and just hit G-Rank in Guild so looks like i have much more Shakalaka shenanigans to witness.

User Info: Lyrst

4 years ago#6
I was randomly hunting in moga woods the other day..fighting an azure rathalos, had this guy literally stunlocked.
Myxo demolisher, so i made sure to work both the legs, down one side, got up, boom explode down again...got up to fly, i hit him once then chacha rage wacked him, and down he went again...broke all his parts in those 3 downs it was awesome ^.^ Just kept on it didnt let up.
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#7
Kinda wish Kayamba and Cha Cha had the AI that some of the previous cat companions had ( I saw some video of a cat companion taking on a kut-ku alone with a hammer, the hunter only trapping, flashing and the occasional kick ) The cat companions are so much more active attackers then the shakalaka's are.

That said i do love Kayamba and I love to abuse Cha Cha.

User Info: DrOrpheus42

4 years ago#8
So I just found out today that the Shakalakas can actually use the ballistas in the elder dragon fights. I was running Jhen Mohran solo, and just fired off the cannon, when I look over to my right and see Cha-Cha standing at the ballista, he actually fires off a shot from it, and manages to break the other tusk that I had been wailing on!

Sometimes I think I really am their minion...

User Info: diablos32

4 years ago#9
Did some g-rank brachydios earlier. Forgot Cha Cha came with me. When I returned to moga he had a green bubble over his head. He was carrying 2 palliums and a gem from the brachys I had fought. Between this and Kayambas deep dragon gems I'm enjoying his company much more than in tri

User Info: Zero10986

4 years ago#10
i always use them as a punching bag and come up from behind the monster and kill it, but my last fight a boomaring from cha-cha killed that dam elder dragon he was like dead 99% of the fight and he gets my fav thing to do a last hit kill wtf >< got to love this little guy he got balls.

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