Anyone up for playing "just for fun?"

#11kfcsnackerPosted 4/20/2013 8:29:10 PM
I always found getting better gear more as a way to get to the next monster, harder monsters, higher difficulties and see everything in the game and know everything
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onimangakat posted...
I often like to take breaks from focusing on gear and look for "relaxed hunting" rooms, or whatever it's called now. They're not common, but I don't usually have too much trouble finding one with the room search function. And even when I do, I just make my own room and label it "casual hunt" or something and within 10 minutes it's full.

If you ever see me in game, you're welcome to join me, OP.

My NNID is LuceTheBard and my Hunter name is Chester. Look me up anytime!

Will do.
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Add me ill see if i can go online tomorrow (although im really early in my port quests only just reached 3 stars :/)

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As soon as I run out of gear to make, this game is over for me.

Good news is that it takes hundreds / thousands of hours before that happens, cos I like having multiple armor sets and using multiple weapon types.

Playing "just for fun?"

Everyone's doing that already.

Just make a room, label it "insert your desired HR range here" QUESTS and I don't really see what the problem is..?
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My NNID is DarkGaia27. Hit me up sometime, always looking to play when I'm free.
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#16Arcsx3Posted 4/21/2013 5:52:27 AM
I understand the feeling the TC has. He's lost the progressive drive this game exudes in the beginning but slows down after a few hundred hours or so. He wants to keep playing for the love of the game but needs something to do that entertains him; grinding for gear he may never use or for others(randoms) does not. Unlike Dark Souls when this happens in MH you don't have pvp to hold onto once you've seen all the content they've delivered that you actually care about. One thing I'm doing is taking my time to master all the weapons and doing multi boss fights and hunts in 8*. This is how I find entertainment after getting my armor sets and weapons. However, until Capcom starts delivering new content it's not gonna last more than maybe 100hrs longer for me since I have no RL friends that like this game. One day maybe I'll find my MH support group, lol. I still love the game and still heavily enjoying it. I may make a male character to get that version of the armor sets to help extend play, but it's not super appealing going through 200hrs of the same content again without a group of consistent friends to play with. Also, taking a break may bring back that second wind of desire after a week or so off.
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I'd love to find a room that is trying to finish quests they haven't finished before. I still got a ton of low and high rank quests, let alone G rank quests to finish.

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You think this is a GAME!?
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If your looking for people like to just go hunting put relaxed hunting. I dont usually farm. The only time I've farmed was for the wyvern blade fire. Now I just okay for the heck of playing. I always look for relaxed hunting or chat and hunt rooms
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I hate playing with people who are just in it for gear and who think this game is all about the gear.

Game is about not getting hit by monsters. Anyone can play 4 person multi spam monster farm. It's useless, and never has the phrase "if I have this I will look cool enterered my head"

I'm all for practicing not getting hit. Don't care how good you are, but the second you start to tell me that your gear is the reason you died I start to lol a bit.

Death means you missed a dodge, I will sorrow in bad luck when you do slip and get hit and then it follows up with 3-6 extra attacks, cause it's amusing seeing that many in a row.