Playing with 4 people is such overkill

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I've recently hit G rank and mostly play by myself because my internet is a b****. Anyway, I've soloed most of the content with the weapons and armor you're expected to have.

That being said, I usually clear mission in under 30 minutes the first time around and work up to killing monster in under 20.

Whenever I play online with a group of people the game just loses it's interest tbh. It goes from hunting a challenging monster to ganging up on the poor thing and stagger it until it dies. If people bother to bring along items to speed up the kill like traps or flashbombs then it's just sad.

It's honestly pathetic how there's no scaling done for the game.

Why ppl have the need to defend or get mad when all you are saying is the truth?.

Yeah,, silver los, savage jho can take more,,, but they are the very end game monsters! What about the other ranks?
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Good luck soloing Dire Miralis.

I solo'd him... he was DESIGNED for solo.
The whole game is more solo friendly, i like playing with 2 people, 4 is just pointless...

Yep, same here. I solo'd the whole game on my Japan 3DS because I had to. I bought MH3U so I could play with friends but it's no fun murdering G Rank quests in 5 minutes with 4 hunters, so I find myself soloing it again so it stays fun.

I want to be able to hunt with 4 friends and have fun, in this game the fun is wearing off quickly with quests ending before they even start. I spend more time waiting for people to prepare then in actual quests.

The key culprit is the pathetic low health of all the monsters. The monsters attacks in G Rank is decent but the health is pathetic, making the games balance terrible.

I hope Capcom makes MH 4 more balanced because the replay value is terrible in this game because of the monsters low health.
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well, im leaving for now. let me know when youre on xero
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well, im leaving for now. let me know when youre on xero

I was out when you returned. I suppose I could come on now, although I'd typically be going to sleep pretty soon. Oh well, I should probably stay up anyway.
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Well, I've been waiting over an hour, doing random crap while waiting. I'm taking the room down now.

Clearly we're going to have to set something up later. I really wasn't expecting this to require planning. Sigh.
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Monster Hunter was never intended to be played by a group of four randoms who do not know each other, have no interest in knowing each other, and are all powergaming the system to do maximum damage.

The vast majority of Monster Hunter titles are portable titles with no native online support, only local ad-hoc. They could have added online infrastructure, but they chose not to, because in Japan where the game was made the customary way to play Monster Hunter is with a group of four friends physically co-located, having a good time playing together.

Ask yourself why there's pumpkin armor in the game that is relatively time-consuming to get and has a bunch of combining skills that don't help combat at all, but makes you look like a silly pumpkin reaper/witch.

Ask yourself why there are joke weapons like a giant corn cob for a lance or a bowgun that is actually a cat with a blowgun sticking out of a teapot.

Ask yourself why Cha-Cha and Kayamba can be brought into quests even in multiplayer mode, where they bounce around like goofballs and generally don't do much of anything of direct combat value to the players.

The answer to all of these questions is that this is not a game to be taken super srsly. This is why it breaks down when you try to take it super srsly.
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if i make a room i purposely set it to 3 people max. it's a lot more fun :)