whats my charm table? on a mac...

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3 years ago#1
On a mac, so no Athena's for me :/ Any of you kind folks care to help me out?
About 65 hrs in and so far I've got:

pellet up 5+ swimming -3 O
destroyer 3+ stamina -3
fastcharge +1
reload spd +1 OOO
health +6 pierce S 10+
wind res +2 ice res +5
evasion +6
slime c +5
flame aura +7

and some lower rare ones.

Thank you much
3 years ago#2
Table 14 i believe.
3 years ago#3
Thanks! I know that one isn't cursed, but is it any good?
3 years ago#4
"T14 has some decent blademaster charms with free element, as well as RapidFire+5 Expert+10, which is decent for LBG.

Creator Charms:
FastSheath+5 EdgeMastr+3, FastCharge+5 FreeElement+6, Tenderizer+4 Expert+10, Evasion+6 Spirit+2, Evade Dist+6 FreeElement+6, Guard+5 FreeElement+6, Sharpness+4 FreeElement+7, Handicraft+4 Expert+10, CritDraw+4 EdgeMastr+3, Rapidfire+5 Expert+10, Pierce s boost+5 OO.
Legend Charms:
Handicraft+5 O, Pellet s boost+5 Attack-5 OO, Fast Sheath+5 OOO
Dragon Charms:
Tenderizer+5 OO, Destroyer+4 Expert+10, StamRec+6 OO, Evasion+6 Hearing+3, Reload speed+5 Attack+9."

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the link, seems like a good enough table, although it ain't 10.
Probably won't be re-rolling at this point but fckinA this charm table business is abhorred.
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