Alright fellas! Quick! Let's come up with affectionate nicknames...

#11CheatingtacoPosted 8/16/2013 1:40:39 PM
TylersTime posted...
Here's one for nibelsnarf.


I think Nibelsnarf is more appropriate of a name.
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#12AlpaIPosted 8/16/2013 2:48:13 PM(edited)
I call her big booty.
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Kyoshiro12345 posted...
what kind of stupid topic is this?

The funny kind. As opposed to the angry kind...if stupid topics are like drunk people.
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#14XenovortexPosted 8/16/2013 7:07:33 PM
Lucy - Lucent Nargacuga.

That's the only one I use.
#15M0nst3rHaunt3rPosted 8/16/2013 7:52:55 PM
"Lagia", for Lagiacrus

"Mosquito", for Bnahabra

"Evil Joe" for Deviljho

"Holy Truck" for Uragaan

"Stop flopping poison around and fight me you piece of sh**", for Gigginox
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#16amazingwillyPosted 8/16/2013 10:15:44 PM
Alatreon- Ala lova!
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#17TalyrianPosted 8/17/2013 4:04:41 AM
Ballista Binder in Sacred Land: 'Waldo'
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Kyoshiro12345 posted...
what kind of stupid topic is this?

What kind of stupid post is this?
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#19Lao-ShanTuxPosted 8/17/2013 7:11:18 AM
Qurupeco - Peeko.

Plesioth - God of the Seas

Lagombi - Bunny

Altaroth - *Obscenities*

I just realized that we don't have any mobs that can paralyze on the same level as Vespoid or Genprey anymore.
You can't get this Ruby. Bunnies, bats, and rats. Yeah.
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#20GolfProdigy910Posted 8/17/2013 7:42:43 AM
Alatreon - Spyro
Uragaans - Jay Leno
I. Lagiacrus - The Albino
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