Will there be another Monster Hunter on the Wii U?

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Even that didn't last though, the moment the number dropped below a certain threshold, those servers were dropped too.

You'll note it happened around the time the PS2 actually died. It's not like that's what I've been saying for a while now or anything.

Let's not forget that your piss poor, ridiculous argument has no bearing on Tri at all, which also died 3 years after launch, like MH1, when a new MH game was released in the same region, like MH1, and at a time when the vast majority of titles on the platform continued to work online, much like MH1.

The length of life has no bearing on the fact that it went down when the Wii died, just like MH games on the PS2 in Japan did when the PS2 died. Had the western server host not backed out before the PS2 was dead, the first MH likely would have lasted at least within a year of how long it lasted in Japan, just like Tri.

You. Have. No. Argument.

Sure I do, that's why I can keep arguing. On the other hand, the pattern you keep claiming to exist doesn't. You base it on one unfortunate event that didn't even affect the majority of the userbase and which hasn't recurred. There's no "history" for this agenda you seem to think Capcom has against players.

P.S. How exactly would it have been expensive for Capcom to replace any physical hardware used to run the MH1 servers? It has been thoroughly established that Monster Hunter servers do virtually nothing, meaning they run on the server equivalent of a toaster oven. I've already provided the explanation: Capcom wasn't willing to spend even a penny on keeping a userbase playing a game they can no longer make money on.

Since you know so much about it, you tell me. You think you know more than a company full of people responsible for knowing and making decisions based on that kind of information, so clearly you already know better than I do as I myself do not know as much about it as Capcom does.

FWIW I came to the same conclusion as the bolded bit. Difference is I have not ignored circumstance in reaching that conclusion as the circumstances support my argument. There is still no history of pulling the plug on games to get people to buy the new ones.

And that's STILL ignoring the portable games, which outnumber the console games and have practically indefinite online functionality. Speaking of, more evidence against the pattern that doesn't exist that you're arguing based on: The release of Freedom 2 (an expansion of MH2) did not cause MH2's online functionality to stop. It kept on going along with the first MH over in Japan until the plug was pulled on ALL their PS2 online functionality because the console had died. That is definitive proof that they do not simply shut games off to get people to buy the next iteration as you say they do.

One last little detail about why the Wii has so many games still functioning online: because the developers of those games for the most part do not have active titles on the Wii U. As soon as they do, and the userbase for those games gets rolling, you can bet almost anything that their Wii titles will start dropping off, just like how it went with the PS2 and PS3. Ending support of previous-gen titles is not something limited to Capcom. Most developers pull support for previous-gen titles once their current-gen titles gain traction. You'll note this specifically with the timing of when all Capcom's PS2 MH games had their online shut down. It was after their NEXT GEN MH game gained traction, therefor Capcom ends previous-gen support when their next-gen games release, NOT when their next game releases. To that end, MH3U has at least until the next console gen unless the unfortunate event with the original MH's online does finally recur, in which case you will be proven correct at that point.
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i hope so.

I have a feeling that we'll see MH4G or "Ultimate" on the Wii U.

The only thing that makes me sad is that it will once again be a port of a DS game. I would really love to see a console MH built from the ground up for consoles. Wii U is decently powerful, they could make a very pretty looking game on it if they wanted to, moreso considering the artstyle that MH goes for.
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XeroShinobi posted...
The reason Capcom pulls down the servers that barely do anything isn't so much cost, it's to entice everyone to buy their new game.

Pretty much answers this entire thread.
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