Really unsure abput buying this game.

#1Silent0nePosted 7/8/2014 2:26:14 PM
I've played the demo on the 3DS and man, was it hard. plus the controls felt odd.. How the wii u version? i know its the same game and all. Just not sure if i wanna buy it. is it boring? way hard? worth it? im sure ill get bias answers but i dont know where else to ask. lol.
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#2BlackHawkBergPosted 7/8/2014 2:55:36 PM
Just watch some gameplay videos. It has a steep learning curve but the fan base is rabid
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#3kilo21Posted 7/8/2014 3:01:25 PM
It's hard and rewarding. Once you get hooked, you get really hooked. You will die a lot, but once you finally get that kill, it's an awesome feeling
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#4PrincessTerukoPosted 7/8/2014 3:05:35 PM
I don't understand why people ask questions like this here, since Monster Hunter fans are crazy dedicated. I personally would climb a mountain if it would get us a Wii U release of MH4U. Then again, non-fans are equally unqualified to answer the question, so I guess you made the right choice.

The controls are much more convenient on the Wii U. I doubt anyone would debate that. More importantly, you get online play, which you absolutely want if this is your first Monster Hunter game, since otherwise you probably won't last very long.

Is the game hard? New players have a fun time. I have fond memories of playing with people that were literally terrified of Barioth. They would just run in circles around him, over and over, and only attack when he was knocked over. It's going to be rough at first, but like all things in life, you'll get better over time. We'll help you get through it as much as we can, of course. It really boils down to how rewarding it feels to kill a monster. Most of us love the game dearly for that reason - it never feels like luck, or that you had an unfair advantage - it's just pure skill being applied to defeat a massive beast.
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#5KevaSanPosted 7/8/2014 8:35:55 PM
Many people say the demo is a bad demo, it doesn't accurately show the game in all of it's greatness. I myself have been a long time fan so I picked it up on the spot.

The game starts out pretty slow. The intro-tutorial takes a while, but once you get to your first big monster, then you'll be diving into it pretty fast.

It's a pretty steep learning curve, but nothing insurmountable.It takes a lot of patience, not only for the intro, but also for the monsters. Learning their movesets, dodging, finding the best weapon for you... it's not easy, but damn is it rewarding!
The game is very vast. There are hundreds of monsters, plenty of weapons and different styles to choose from, so many armors! This game is very skill based and highly dynamic, so I love it so much.

The Wii U is the same, apart from HD graphics and Online. Online truly is the gem of this game, it's totally worth it. It's not obligatory, but it really extends gameplay. You won't regret it.
I have both Wii U and 3DS version, and I play as much on the 3DS as the Wii U, it's awesome!

I'm trying to give an unbiased review as much as possible.

If you prefer to just jump in a game and start owning right at the start, it may not be the best game for you. It takes some time to really get in, but once you get in, oh my!!
#6CommodoreConnPosted 7/8/2014 11:31:23 PM
If you plan to go for the 3ds version I recommend you buy/import a circle pad pro for whatever 3ds you are using, that extra joystick is a godsend
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#7Run_2_the_HillsPosted 7/8/2014 11:44:07 PM
1. boring? for some no, for some yes. it's going to be bias cause you're on the board, but i like it a lot as do many people. this game is more of a dodge then hit game not a hit then dodge game. i will say this game isnt for everyone.

2. hard? harder than a lot of other games. there is a learning curve, but that's what people here like, when you actually see yourself improve. it's a great feeling when once you taught what was impossible to beat becomes easy.

3. worth it? im at 300 hrs and that's not consider a lot compared to some people here.
#8ajko000Posted 7/8/2014 11:49:25 PM
The 3DS version isn't exactly comfortable unless you find yourself a Circle Pad Pro. That being said, if you buy it for the Wii U instead, you'll have a much better time in terms of controls. This game needs twin sticks to be comfortable, unfortunate, but oh well, that's the way it is. Honestly though, if you choose the 3DS version if you can grab the Wii U version without any extra hassle, you're just being dumb. The Wii U version is superior graphically and better yet, the controls themselves are exponentially better.

Now I'm going to be completely honest, this game has three major hills you need to get over.

1. Learning the weapons.
2. Learning the monsters.
3. Understanding how 1. and 2. come together.

This game is quite un-polished, I will admit that, but if you find yourself a group of friends to play with, it becomes one of the best games ever. I've been with the series for about 7 years now, and I'll admit, a lot of the game could use some work, but if you at least give it a chance, it becomes an addictive game that you can go back to regularly.

In other words, buy the game for the Wii U, but make sure you have friends to play with.
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#9predgbPosted 7/9/2014 1:10:48 AM
I thought its boring at first. Started off with the WiiU Version. Then when i first downed some of the bigger monsters the game felt somehow awesome. It will punish you for not knowing what you are doing.

Took me quite some time to get the basics down but now with the online multiplayer this game ROCKS HARD. FKN HELL its so much fun its incredibly. I am only 60hrs in but this game beats everything else for me.

I dont have much time to play but ill try to get super far until MH4 hits. Also got the game for the 3ds right after since due to the job and other stuff i am traveling abit.

Its amazing solo and wayyyy too goood multiplayer. Even if you are not that good you will find nice people online.

Started out with GS now i am a bow user. This game is super hard to master but you can enjoy it nontheless even if you are not a very good player. With some proper teammates and some preperation you will make it through.

There is so much to learn about this game its amazing. I am happy i joined the MH franchise. Videos wont make you feel the epicness when YOU experience the battle. You only have to make it through the first couple of hrs and experimenting with the weapons.
#10SolidStateVOMPosted 7/9/2014 7:46:14 AM
I'd just like to point out that if you DO find yourself hooked onto the series, MH4U is coming out on 3ds only (they stated that they have no plans for a wii u version) and it will have online multiplayer. I'm not saying you shouldn't get MH3U for Wii U, I'm just making sure that you're informed.

As for controls, yes the Wii U is way better natively with it's second analog stick for camera control (it's about the same if you get a CPP for the 3ds). Personally, I can get by without said analog stick so long as I'm on land. As soon as I'm in the water though, I need it.

Honestly the demo does a terrible job advertising the game. It gives you no direction on what you have to do, what the items do, how to use the weapons (technically you can hit then home button and read the e-manual for controls, but most people seem to forgot that), and it leaves out one of the most important aspects of the series. Carving and crafting is not touched on AT ALL and that's one of the main draws of the franchise imo.

In terms on boredom, the beginning will seem like such a slog. I tired to get a friend to play, but he was turned off like right away. I'm betting if he could have given it an hour or two, he'd have started getting hooked as that's about when you start hunting your first monsters. The game starts you slow for a reason as there are some very basic gathering concepts that are needed for the whole game and ignoring them can leave you confused later (hint: don't skip though text). Once you start fighting monsters like the great jaggi, who is basically the most push over monster in the game, they tend to ease you into combat and give you a chance to start getting a good feel for the limitations of what you can do... Then it drops a brick wall in front of you and says "good luck".

Another point to bring up is that in the demo they only give you like 20 minutes to kill either monster, while the main game gives you a good long 50 minutes total (some monsters you only get 30, but that like 3 out for 100+ fights), so you can generally afford to be much more defensive if you've never seen a monster before