Should this theoretically work (regarding crown lock)

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2 years ago#11
I got all my crowns using this method (WiiU + 3DS). Here's how I did it:

(First go through all the DLC quests to get their guaranteed crowns, of course)

0. Choose your "main" system and your "slave" system. I chose to main 3DS since I find it easier to control.

1. Transfer save from main to slave, if you need. It doesn't actually matter what progress the slave has, as long as it can reach the highest tier of G-rank quests.

2. Run both games and party up (join same room) and use the SLAVE to host quests. If you're looking for mini crowns, do the G-rank Lagombi/G.Baggi quest. If you're after king crowns, do the solo G-rank Deviljho quest. (You'll have to do G-rank quests only with this method)

3. Keep redoing the quest until you get a crown. Once you're familiar with eye-balling the size, you'll be able to abandon the quest when it's obviously not big/small enough. Save after every quest (on the slave) that DOESN'T give the crown. It doesn't matter about saving your main.

4. Once you get the crown, DON'T SAVE the slave (which hosted the quest, remember?). Instead, quit without saving or reboot the game and reload the previous save. The next quest hosted by the slave will have the same crown in the same monster slot. That is, if the crown was on the first monster in the list, then the first monster in the list for the next quest will have that crown. If it was the second monster that had the crown, then you'll need to find a multi-monster quest where the second monster is one you need the crown for.

5. Use the slave to host whatever quest you need to nab that crown. You can use either slave or main to fight the monster(s), and you can also "borrow" the other's Mega/Max Potions etc. if you need. Save both slave and main afterwards. Congrats! You should have one more crown.

6. Repeat from step 2 until you're done.

How does this method work? The game actually bases monster sizes on a fixed seed that is saved between quests, which means that you can reload a quest without saving and the monsters will be the same size as before. If you switch to a new quest, then that new quest will have the same monster sizes as the previous quest.

However, there are a few extra things to consider. G-rank quests have much wider size ranges than high or low rank, indeed, you CANNOT get some crowns outside of G-rank. Therefore, you pretty much have to go with G-rank quests all the way.

Also, different monsters have different size ranges. A King Size Purple Ludroth is only about 117%, but a King Size Deviljho is 125%. So if you "saved" a king size Purple Ludroth, you're really just saving the 117% size, which isn't enough for a king Deviljho. But if you save a 125% Deviljho, that will give you a king size Purple Ludroth (it gets capped at 119% or so).

How do you know which monsters have which size ranges? Well, as a rule of thumb, most subspecies have a small range, whereas most others have larger ones, however is not always the case. Good news is, it doesn't matter too much. Just use Great Baggi and Lagombi for mini crowns and Deviljho for king crowns and you'll be sweet. The former both have mini crowns in the smallest possible range (88-90%) while Deviljho has king crowns in the highest possible range (125-127%). By saving their crowns, you can guarantee a crown on any other monster.

Note that some event quests have fixed size monsters - this method won't work with those. On the plus side, some of them are already guaranteed king/mini crowns!
2 years ago#12
Thanks for sharing! The Ivory quest should be working the same way in my case, but it isn't so I might give that a go (although a little reluctant because deviljho really did take me close to 100 kills to find a gold crown).

I have to ask though, do you have to complete the quest, then restart the file without saving and do another quest or can you just do another quest knowing fully well that you already have an ivory lagi that is locked (since I still have that king sized ivory lagi on my file, it seems like a waste of time to do that quest.. again. Just need to make sure if running it is absolutely necessary despite already knowing theres a gold).

I ask because I did just that for the 2 Ivory lagi quest and the triple plesioth /queropeco quest and neither of them had gold crowns (I really hope in Queropeco's case though, the deviljho it summoned was what actually ended up being king sized due to it technically being the 2nd monster that was summoned, even though that ultimately ruined it :<). I have no idea why plesi was only large crown though among 3 of them though when I followed those exact steps with ivory indignation.
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2 years ago#13
It probably doesn't work with Ivory Lagi because it's a subspecies, so a king size is probably only 117-119%, which is only a silver crown for most monsters. You can try spending your Ivory king size on different monsters until it works, maybe other subspecies?

For example, Great Jaggi, Devijho, Rathalos, Rathian, Barroth all require 125-127% for king size. (Or at least they did in MHP3rd.) But Purple Ludroth, Green Narga, Black Diablos only had 117-119% for king size.

After you "spend" a locked crown, you have to earn another one by abandoning/restarting etc. So it takes a while.
2 years ago#14
Tried many things with Ivory King, but nothing gave me gold :<. I suppose I'll just keep hunting Plesioth/Queropeco/Great Jaggi's/Silver Rathalos's then, maybe try crown locking with Plesioth if the first one is gold. Been trolled a crazy amount by all of these things with just large crowns and Capcom Unity forums failed me if what everyone has said on here is true :<.
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