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Any MH clones that are just as fun? (Archived)
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anyone wanna do 2 man arenas? (Archived)Munchie90634/20/2014
This game is child's play compared to MHFU (Archived)
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So I've been playing the demo..... (Archived)JayStrike94/20/2014
To the people with framerate issues... (Archived)
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So what was the verdict with slime weapons? (Archived)Xiocamie34/20/2014
Phantom's Pain: Monster Hunter 3U (Archived)MrWill1844/20/2014
Gunner healer? (Archived)
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Monster hunter 3 ultimate murder monster hunter 3 tri (Archived)golddragon8664/19/2014
Earth Crystals (Archived)Doomtheimmortal84/19/2014
Need suggestions for my armor for the HR6 urgent(double brachydios) (Archived)jaimito_vond34/19/2014
Does anyone online use voice chat? (Archived)
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Need help with making a bow for low rank and up in Village quests. (Archived)RentonThursten34/18/2014
This is what I did to prepare for Brachy as a Gunner (Archived)aj_hacker8714/18/2014
How is this games following? (Archived)TwolvesLB4464/18/2014
question on status attacks? (Archived)sh0wnuf64/18/2014
Starting Fresh (Archived)LethalLala24/18/2014
Best skills to gem in for Vangis X? (Archived)ShadeMan968694/17/2014
Rathian/Rathalos evasion tips? (Archived)Professor_Azure64/17/2014
Mark of a hero (Archived)
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