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New to the series, Is this game anything like Monster Rancher?AlpaI75/18 8:55AM
Can someone with Athena's fish finder help me please?blueice935/17 3:12PM
Can someone figure out some dmg details for me?bolts65/16 1:29PM
Seeking advice for a "capture large monsters" play-throughJake Johnson35/15 5:29PM
Gobul hunt 2Ds helpTheGoblinking45/13 4:42AM
How long for hunters to 100% the game?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bolts145/13 3:20AM
Best Normal Up and Distance charms
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Enaikei195/12 12:35AM
I Love Being A Gunner But There's Just One Thing That Annoys MeSamA7X75/11 2:29PM
Finally Beat Mark of A Hero, But Now...SamA7X45/10 12:27AM
Should I get this gamewolfy14465/5 5:45PM
Is it just me or is Alatreon WAY tougher than any of the other Elder Dragons?Cloud52812375/3 6:09PM
What weapons have you just begun to work with, but like?Jake Johnson45/3 2:28AM
I need help in the eight-star Village quest "Troubled Waters"Jake Johnson44/26 9:29AM
I am about to go farm the village HR Uragaan. Any tips before I go?Jake Johnson34/25 8:12AM
I need some help farming Ceadeus (as in what armor to wear and other tips)Jake Johnson34/21 9:11AM
I am an eight-star Switch Axe user. Seeking advice for weapons/armor.Jake Johnson44/20 5:52PM
Is it possible to get a Wonderful Beak hunting Crimson Qurupeco in Moga Woods?Jake Johnson74/19 3:26AM
I couldn't beat TRI single player story.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
jonahdoom134/19 3:17AM
idea for an Arena battleJake Johnson14/18 6:27AM
Just starting to work with Switch Axes - what is a good armor set?Jake Johnson44/17 6:33PM
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