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custom armor for lancers
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is there same screen co op in this game?ffxblak12612/18 7:06PM
Like 80% sure I'm gonna start playing this again soon... (Poll)
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Dumb question: How do I get Grains for my Canteen?Oni_Tatsujin412/18 6:36AM
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How does Hiring people in Port Tanzia Work?TheFallenPriest412/18 1:52AM
Plesioth Demo question(s)
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Is the community friendly to new players?
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Are level 8 weapons grank weapons?
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Questions about bowgun (nainly stats)MylittlePwny891012/17 8:53AM
Ultimate Mighty Cornpopper Set - Thoughts?dogbertius612/17 8:50AM
Best weapons for speedruns and dominationBrestia812/17 4:43AM
Clust gunning in 3U IS STILL VIABLE IN G RANK (Archived)Astragon712/16 10:32AM
I have a couple of questions about online play! (Archived)
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What are your thoughts of me getting this game? (Archived)longbladekatana912/15 1:02PM
Question from a new player (Archived)drumaen312/15 10:16AM
Do you dominate other players online? (Archived)
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Does Bombardier boost Power Phial blasts on SA? (Archived)
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Which skillset is generally better for Gambit? (Archived)
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Best bow for Power C+? (Archived)Brestia412/14 11:41AM