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Any reason given for no subquests? (Archived)JobVanDam47/22/2014
Is there a less grueling way to fight and kill Ceadeus? (Archived)
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I want to go from a blademaster to a gunner. Any tips you can share? (Archived)21_2187/22/2014
Please recommend a hunting horn and bow for beginner. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Anybody want to help me raise my HR? (Archived)mc_mariner27/22/2014
Rathian Armor Skillsets (Archived)StickFiguresCO37/22/2014
Can't get online, servers under maintenance? (I'm in PAL) (Archived)Phasmatis9247/22/2014
Help to start (Archived)sdand177/22/2014
I Like Being a Bow User. (Archived)
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Is it true that if you break Sand Barioth's Tusks in Plain Dangerous, it lowers, (Archived)ajko00047/22/2014
How long does it take for a monster's body to disappear after killing or capping (Archived)EvilBeards77/21/2014
can someone help me figure out a decent weapon to use (Archived)
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Managed to kill rust duram at the same time it killed me, (Archived)pikachupwnage47/21/2014
How do you enter siege mode on HGB? (Archived)pikachupwnage47/21/2014
I'm online. HR 40+. Lemme know if you want to play. (Archived)orBhsiF107/21/2014
Any use collecting all the armor? (Archived)iam4lsi267/21/2014
Is There Any Ups For the Lance as Opposed to the Gunlance? (Archived)oomomow77/21/2014
Seems like I'm on charm table 3... (Archived)Darkinsanity167/21/2014
When did you start your MH career? (Archived)
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Making a new character. Anyone wanna join from HR 1? (Archived)Antfunk67/21/2014
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