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What is a good HBG armor set with evade extender? (Archived)pikachupwnage97/16/2014
hr4 giggi (Archived)majior_payne17/16/2014
Dios Slicers or Dark Claw? Advice? (Archived)SynysterSouls27/16/2014
Forgive the noob question on Slime but... (Archived)Solid2TheSnake57/16/2014
There is no way to buy/craft status throwing knifes, is there? (Archived)Lord_Gneo37/15/2014
Should I Use My Dios Slicers or Dark Claw?? (Archived)SynysterSouls17/15/2014
Looking for people for Online help (Archived)LuciusLuster17/15/2014
Best Bowgun for Dire Miralis? (Archived)ajko00067/15/2014
Play with me maybe? (Archived)stuart061317/15/2014
What is your most favorite and least favorite monster to... (Archived)
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How many times does Abyssal Lagiacrus Horns break? 1x like his cousins? (Archived)ajko00037/15/2014
Lowest defense awaken armor possible? (Archived)chronogod7727/15/2014
Is it more efficient to sleep a monster and GS charge tail or Shock Trap and GS? (Archived)ajko00047/15/2014
Dragon ship duty (what quests) (Archived)Camryn050047/15/2014
For all the newcomers and low HR folks with basic questions, here's some guides (Archived)BaronVladz17/15/2014
decorations question (Archived)The_Coward133727/15/2014
Story mode online co op? (Archived)Janetty67/15/2014
Secret area spawn!?! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Finally got Dios Slicers. (Archived)Darkinsanity167/15/2014
Melody Durations Extended and Knockback Protection. How exactly do they work? (Archived)ajko00097/14/2014
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