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How do I carve a Barroth's head ? (Archived)Hansburger57/14/2014
Does looks influence your Armor/Set choices? (Archived)
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Bow users! (Archived)soulegion0897/14/2014
help charm sniping (Archived)dryingpan10127/14/2014
Have never played Monster Hunter... (Archived)chem1calburn77/14/2014
How do graphics compare between wii and wiiu versions of this game? (Archived)serpentaurus77/14/2014
How do you raise your HR? (Archived)darkqueenhelba37/14/2014
Making an offline only character, tips for what to use on Alatreon? (Archived)closetkpopfan97/14/2014
Why won't anyone join my lobby? (Archived)hanzo565107/14/2014
Local co-op with the same Nintendo account? (Archived)rossman23147/14/2014
Flamestorm+ vs Wyvern Lovers? (Archived)Darkinsanity117/14/2014
Good High Rank armor for Dual Swords? (Archived)Darkinsanity197/13/2014
How important is it to keep up with all the elements? (Archived)Darkinsanity147/13/2014
Most efficient method of obtaining Pitfall Traps? (Archived)ajko00027/13/2014
G Rank Zenny (Archived)citrinewarrior77/13/2014
Highest Poison Damage Weapon (Archived)king2wolves57/13/2014
Is a tail being cut dependent on cut damage to the tail, or another factor? (Archived)ajko00077/13/2014
is grongigas still worth it without sharpness+1 (Archived)
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Anything that shouldnt be sold to the argosy captain? And LS question (Archived)ninjaa127/13/2014
Pellet 3 or crouch fire Pellet 1 ? (Archived)Hansburger47/13/2014
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