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Monster Popularity Poll: Day 2: Barioth vs Nargacuga (Poll)Wolfie_Claws57/7/2014
So I'm putting together an LS set... (Archived)bioniclema9097/7/2014
Selene X armor set (Archived)Myrkr_Ormr107/7/2014
Do you have to be a certain rank before the Granny cycles Thunderbugs? (Archived)closetkpopfan27/7/2014
A hunting buddy? (Archived)
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Are dual swords a difficult play style in general? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Pretty cool toy. (Archived)
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Are exhaust axes viable for breaking Barroth's scalp? (Archived)
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If I could have only 1 bow... (Archived)
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Question about Qurupeco in HR or G-Rank (Archived)Jake Johnson37/7/2014
Is there a way to make my Giggi set better? (Archived)
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Should i sell my resources or keep in chest? (Archived)cpthurme87/7/2014
Looking to recruit players for (Archived)RossMadden37/7/2014
Where to collect DLC? (Archived)xXWereSharkXx27/7/2014
Anywhere to get this game cheap in the UK? (Archived)Superlinkbros8997/6/2014
Where do I need to look for the big monsters from the moga forecast? (Archived)Silbe97/6/2014
Question regarding Free Element and awakening (Archived)21_2157/6/2014
Can someone tell me what to do to upgrade my boats? (Archived)closetkpopfan57/6/2014
looking for people (Archived)alyis_herbst57/6/2014
Free element charm? (Archived)
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