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What to gem in Rath Soul? (Archived)spawndie46/13/2014
is there any to play local multiplayer without using 3DS? (Archived)blazin64026/13/2014
Need advice for fighting Brachydios with dual blades (Archived)Hansburger106/12/2014
LBG/HBG: Should I do [Attack Up (L)] or [evade extend and Attack Up (S)]? (Archived)cantimo56/12/2014
Griffon Blazooka or Hallowed Dracannon? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Crooked horns (Archived)aeShinji56/12/2014
eventual g rank bow armour opinions (Archived)dark188216/12/2014
Rust Duru Crown Lock (Archived)-Noobody-56/12/2014
When hosting rooms, do you ever kick players on sight? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
WiiU to 3ds transfer without the disc (Archived)GamingLoser26/11/2014
Status sets with non awakened weapons (Archived)Jade_Rock76/11/2014
tedious charm table assistance request. (Archived)misterjof86/11/2014
Is this community still active? (Archived)IronknuckleMM66/11/2014
I keep seeing people say this game is free.. But.. (Archived)AnnihilatorSol46/11/2014
How active is online? (Archived)miosid_0376/11/2014
Newbie questions (Archived)ROBOT_DINOSAUR66/11/2014
Some observations on this series when playing MHFU after MH3U. (Archived)
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Tips for first time online? (Archived)deoxyscyclone106/11/2014
Mark of a Hero isn't showing up. Help (Archived)Dark_guyver36/10/2014
Curious about some stuff... (Archived)BlindtoDream36/10/2014
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