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need help in monster hunter 3 ultimate (Archived)vickissick199136/2/2014
Charm tables make me cry (Archived)IMRavnos96/2/2014
So I just got a Bird Wyvern Gem from Harvest Tour: Sandy Plains... (Archived)jacobfarrow96/2/2014
So... is hunting monsters all you really do? (Archived)
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what are some good g rank mix gunner sets? (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob106/2/2014
The Azure Rosebloom line is such an underrated switch axe line (Archived)Sirkukukingz5106/2/2014
Been gone since... October-ish? (Archived)Earthshaker76/1/2014
What makes Port Tanzia an improvement over Loc Lac? (Archived)_Pingu_76/1/2014
Does Affinity Effect Lv3 Normal S ricochet's? (Archived)SamA7X46/1/2014
Edgemaster set (Archived)bioniclema9065/31/2014
Not unlocking ingredient, am I doing something wrong? (Archived)YourLuck15/31/2014
is it possible for both the wii u and 3ds to be online in the gamr. (Archived)stalker045/31/2014
Clarification on Transfer Tool/Saves (Archived)KillerGarcian35/31/2014
What do I do? (Poll)SpinKirby85/31/2014
Character voice test doesn't work. (Archived)Dragon Nexus25/30/2014
That one thing you can never get the hang of (Archived)
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First time using network mode (Archived)Matty_EINZ95/30/2014
best weapon to fight Green narga with? (Archived)Sebas2755/29/2014
Multiplayer/Online Questions (Archived)KillerGarcian35/29/2014
Anyone play regularly online still? (Archived)
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