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I cannot sidestep wile using my lance. (Archived)Nemesis34735/15/2014
How do you get your shakalakas to go with you in multiplayer? (Archived)sh0wnuf45/15/2014
Questions about Co-Op (Archived)The_Expert_4775/15/2014
Losing rank? (Archived)JackFerris35/14/2014
Should of asked before I bought it..... (Archived)Austin11995/14/2014
I think I'd like this game if not for monsters having so much health. (Archived)
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Fastest way to farm Village Jhen? (Archived)I_Like_Stuffs_75/14/2014
Does the lagi hunting horn effect stack? (Archived)Xiocamie55/14/2014
Best method for Small Goldenfish? (Archived)Deadeyedave25/14/2014
I just kicked a LR Great Jaggi to death (Archived)FierceDeity1195/13/2014
Just got a Wii U after 200 hours on 3DS, friends? (Archived)
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HR3 Looking for Friends (Archived)aforgetit15/13/2014
Artian armor not showing up for me (Archived)nibblz_8255/13/2014
Do armor sets really matter at low HR? (Archived)
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Is online still alive? (Archived)MyloMane105/13/2014
is there any way to make "unlucky cat" always decrease your health? (Archived)Dark_Abaddon65/13/2014
the 2 best feelings in monster hunter (Archived)
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So apparently I suck at taking down Lagiacrus. (Archived)
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good hollowed dracannon set (Archived)j1rubino1385/12/2014
Best elemental lances (Archived)
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