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Question about element damage calculation. (Archived)Gotenksgeto65/11/2014
Is this game still alive? (Poll)TerryJ99985/10/2014
Lance is the best. (Archived)
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Looking to build a 'capture' armor set... (Archived)sh0wnuf25/9/2014
Crystal Bones help, where to find bone/stone (Archived)ninjaa185/9/2014
good Nether mixes? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
New to the series, question about weapon choice (Archived)Deathsword0055/9/2014
Does AuL stack with other attack boosts? (Archived)sh0wnuf55/9/2014
Tail Chopping? (Archived)eds4159185/9/2014
Would Gaurd up defend me from the Ivory Lag if I have a gunlance? (Archived)Sirkukukingz575/8/2014
Good High rank GS? (Archived)
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New strategies for group speed runs (Archived)dogbertius65/8/2014
Usurper's Fulgur or Hidden Gemini? (Archived)Jayuhh75/8/2014
C/D: This game would be at least 30% easier if you could zoom camera out (Archived)
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No way to put the map on the main screen on the TV? (Archived)Justice9840555/7/2014
Fish Finder...... (Archived)LILBL145/7/2014
4pt arken? explain (Archived)Xiocamie105/7/2014
Better LBG for Support - God's Archipelago or Master Kettle Blower (Archived)dogbertius25/7/2014
What the heck capcom? (Archived)
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Still getting used to the game, early advice for weapons/armor appreciated. (Archived)
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