non tc matches 2:30pm or 11pm est today

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3 years ago#1
Just throwing this out here. I'll be on and I'm going to post it to miiverse before finding a lobby. Thing is I only support 4 so need someone to host. If you are interested let me know what time you can make it and what mode you prefer.

We can switch modes at anytime,, just change your clan tag to show what mode you want and once enough people do the same we can change over.
NNID: pharcyde
3 years ago#2
11 or later maybe pick a mode legends is fun I like Icarus but what ever
3 years ago#3
I should be around 10 or 11 central
I'm trying legends on wii u, come join me
3 years ago#4
So, the plan is to start in Legends mode then? I should be on at that time and will look for you guys there.
NNiD: 44dane || GE Wii: [Great-Dane]
3 years ago#5
Sounds like a plan!!!!
NNID: pharcyde
3 years ago#6
3 in
3 years ago#7
Posted on miiverse whatever good may do
NNID: pharcyde
3 years ago#8
Does everyone uses Skype group or sometjing? Would make it easier to know when four people are all around at the same time.
NNID: pharcyde
3 years ago#9
I'll meet you in Legends in 30 minutes.

Tilt set up a Skype group but I don't know how to invite people and only a few have it.

We can find a chat if people will use it.
NNID: LoeliaPonsonby / [56] iS*LoPo -
3 years ago#10
GG's fellars, sorry I had to bail so early. Maybe next time I can stay longer! Nsac got me with a nice hat and a rtm in da face! Lol.
NNID elgooch
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