How do you feel about the Moonraker Lazer?

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1 year ago#11
Mk2 what zav said
Strata rapid fire + ex-clip
Sig9 " "

I don't use mk2 because I think it is almost unfair if a player like zav or mii used it against noobs. I could have a higher kill streak but don't need that. I try not to run up the score makes people quit.
1 year ago#12
I agree with nsac. I don't want to make people hate the game because of the opponents. I often will have games where its my first game of the night and two minutes into it the host will quit or the other team will start dropping out of the match. I want to make the game pleasant for these people and let them have fun too so I usually only play for an hour at a time when I do.
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  3. How do you feel about the Moonraker Lazer?

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