FPS Wii Vets, what are you looking forward to most in playing a CoD game in HD

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Why do you keep making these topics.


he oCD about CoD.
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Just having a version my brother would (hopefully) be able to play coo-op with me. I mean, we can, but he's weird in the sense that he loves Modern Warfare and didn't like Black Ops, or the Wii, so I think it just being Black Ops II on a Nintendo system will turn him away. :\ Oh well I'm buying that Pro controller so he can use it anyways.
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Wii remote, no question. I've been waiting for this day, for a long time.
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A time attack version of CoD like in Mario Kart with a minor tweak. Your doppelganger plays exactly like you, for example if you jump-to-dropshoot, your copy does the same, it also has your reflexes whether its fast or slow.

Man if only you could play yourself exactly the way you play. The good thing would be that you can improve the way you play, while your copy's AI is fixed to your playstyle until you overwrite it with your new one in some way. I guess its sorta like combat training only with 1 person who's difficulty is dependent on your playstyle.

I don't really feel this would make sense to any of you but w/e

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There's no "all of the above" option?
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