I think I might have a defective Wii U

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EssBeeGee posted...
The controller won't even sync with the system. Keeps saying "Could not connect to console. Move the controller closer to the console, and enter symbols again"..

Soooo pissed.. I've been trying for half and hour now. Anyone else run into this problem?

I have to send my Gamepad in tomorrow. The sound that comes out of the left speaker is very staticy.

Nintendo repairs usually go quick but I did give them a hard time on the phone. Im just a little upset, I mean I got to play it but if the left speaker is broke it will need to be fixed. Just going to get it down now.
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#12EssBeeGee(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2012 9:40:16 PM
I returned it and got my money back, since they didn't have any extras to exchange. But, I got lucky because my co-worker just bought 1 a brand new one and he sold it to me. This one is working just fine.
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drhockey posted...
I unplugged my WiiU after 15 minutes during the update because it looked like zero progress was made.

Re-did the update this morning (took about an hour) and have been playing SMB and Sonic Racing all day no problem.

Sure it is not a good thing to do at all and the risk is obviously there, but it is by no means a 100% sure fire way to brick the system.

You aren't following, you stopped the download, not the install...
Did you really just instruct someone to search the Internet for the truth?
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