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3 years ago#41
Cubfan082 posted...
robirmingham posted...
Any tips on securing the B flag first? I know it gives a lot more points than the others, and if you get it + a couple kills while securing it, you'll be well on your way to a good streak. Is it as simple as coordinating with your teammates?

Best tip on securing B is to get there second. Flank it and toss concusions and nades to wipe it out, get a flurry of kills, a UAV up then try to secure it based on what your enemy is doing. The most competitive matches will leave B open for several minutes while you try to beat back and outflank those coming after it.

That happened to me earlier on Raid. The 2nd round was a stalemate because B was so hotly contested.

I got killed a few times in a row, and spawned near C. I looked up to see a care package on a roof. It was a swarm. I switched to my black hat class, ran and jumped off the edge of the map to kill myself. I figured by that time the owner of the CP would have gotten it, but it was still there. Got me 19 kills.
3 years ago#42
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