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4 years ago#1
So some of you have prolly seen me complain about my connection on this game. It has been horrible so far, fine one second then one red bar and skipping the next. I just tried this......

kuragari1anonly posted...
You'll have to figure out what your IP is, and to do that you gotta use your computer for a moment.

First, on your computer, search for "cmd" or "command promt." Once you've got that, put in "ipconfig", and hit enter.

A lot of stuff will come up, but what you're looking for is your IPv4 address and Default Gateway. (Subnet Mask also, but that will -ALWAYS- be what you see is listed for that. Keep that in mind~) Jot this information down or leave it open on your computer (Don't put that stuff here!) then hop onto your Wii U.

In the System Settings menu on your Wii U, get into the Internet-Connection Setup menu.

Scroll one screen to the right, and you'll be presented with choices for "IP Address" and "DNS". Go to IP Address first.

Selecting "Don't Auto Obtain" will allow you to put your own IP Address, so we're going to do that.

Take your IPv4 Address, and put all of it into the "IP Address" spot, but do this, and this is important! The last three digits that you enter, add 10 to. (If your IP was xxx.xxx.x.30, make it xxx.xxx.x.40)

Put the Subnet Mask in there, then put your Default Gateway in there next. Hit Confirm, then move on to DNS.

There's a few free DNS servers you can use, so you can try searching for those. I'm using OpenDNS apparently.

I have my Proxy Settings set for "Don't Use" and the MTU at 1500. What you do with those is up to you.

Once everything is set, try a connection test. If it's successful, try playing a few games online and see what happens.


I tested this out briefly once i was done. I played three different matches with three different hosts and i had MUCH better results. Once my connection did drop to one bar, but only for a second or two, instead of 45 seconds like before. I am gonna try to play some more later tonite, i soooooo hope this solves my problem.
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4 years ago#2
Nice. And good luck.
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4 years ago#3
That's not enough. You have to set up a DMZ on your router with the IP you assigned the Wii U.

Also, for the DNS, Nintendo suggests for the primary and for the secondary.
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4 years ago#4
Pineconn posted...
That's not enough. You have to set up a DMZ on your router with the IP you assigned the Wii U.

Also, for the DNS, Nintendo suggests for the primary and for the secondary.

yea so i'm kinda tech-stupid. have ZERO idea what this means other than changing my DNS values i guess.

Either way i played several matches tonite and only dropped to that dreaded 1 red bar a couple times, and it only lasted a second or two. I can still tell that i am on the wrong side of the lag fence a vast majority of the time, but it is atleast playable now.
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4 years ago#5
Well, research your router on how to set up a DMZ. I use a Linksys, so I type in my Internet browser (no username, password is "admin"), and click on Applications & Gaming. There I enable DMZ and type in the IP I assigned to my Wii U. After doing so my NAT is open and I can connect to mostly everyone.

Basically, setting up a DMZ (demilitarized zone) for a device tells the router to bypass whatever firewall the router has. In other words, data can get from your Wii U to the Internet and vice versa more efficiently. If you have trouble connecting with someone, this might help. The instructions that you followed are the correct steps to setting up a DMZ... without actually setting it up, lol.

What kind of router do you have?
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4 years ago#6
Hmm. A few months back lightning got my house and it fried my modem and router. My ISP installed a new modem/router combo and i cant find any brand names on it other than my ISP's logo.
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4 years ago#7
No branding on the device itself? Should be something that shows at least who the manufacturer is. Is there a sticker on the bottom with login details?

Edit: Also, try opening a browser and typing in or or One of those may give you a prompt that might say the router name.

same look, NEW site: http://s1plus.shivtr.com/
4 years ago#8
Ehh. So i played a few more games this morning with no problems. I was actually starting to FINALLY enjoy this game!! Then i tried to play again tonite. My connection was worse than ever. I went from 5 green to 1 red bar constantly. FML....
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4 years ago#9
Any luck finding modem/router info?
4 years ago#10
Welllllll you could try the less polsihed but still fun in its own way 007 Legends (just not sure how long the online will be active,, but it is still fun)
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