Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Mysteriously Blinking Chinese Iron Sights

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Today's case is about the iron sights found on the Type 25 and the QBB LSW. Sure, they seem normal enough. But when you look at them a certain way...

Woah?! Why are they blinking?! My powers of observation have shown me that the Type 25's iron sights blink green, and the QBB LSW's iron sights blink red. What's even more peculiar though, is the fact that they only blink if you are a) pointing at a certain object/moving the irons over a certain object and b) pointing yourself in a certain direction (e.g. north, south, east, west, or any of the intercardinal directions).

Lets take a closer look at this phenomenon on everyone's favorite sinking ship, the U.S.S. Obama. For whatever reason, the iron sights only blink when pointing directly north. What's even more strange is that the sights stop blinking completely after crossing two-thirds of the map.

If we take a trip over to the Colossus resort though, we discover that the iron sights blink in all directions except directly west and directly south. What could possibly be the meaning of all this?

Can YOU solve the mystery? Can YOU unravel the Case of the Mysteriously Blinking Chinese Iron Sights?

Come on now, time for some plain, old-fashioned police leg work!
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Cuz the future
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The Hardly Boys in: The Mystery of the Graphical Glitch

Oh.. mm. I'm getting a clue.
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