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FPS Wii community, be honest.. Do you like wiimote/IR or dual analog for fpsers? (Poll)
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ZOMBIE ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! Details inside (Archived)Non_Ado29/26/2012
FPS Wii Vets, what are you looking forward to most in playing a CoD game in HD (Poll)
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Headbanger Headset question (Archived)
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I now proclaim myself as supreme ruler of this new board. (Archived)
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I have a hard time imagining this game looking as good as the other versions (Archived)
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Call of Duty: Black Ops II confirmed as a Wii U launch title. Get it November 18 (Archived)Waggy1719/26/2012
I hope that BO2 will make dead silence a complete counter to Awareness. (Archived)QualiT59/26/2012
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Will the Wii U system Ram be upgradable? (Archived)
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Control schemes (Archived)shockwavematty89/26/2012
I am now considering getting Blops2 on Wiiu. Whats the differences ps3/wiiu? (Archived)DarthJimmie99999/25/2012
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Domination on Aftermath... (Archived)
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POLL:CoD Wii Vets, what will you miss the most about playing CoD on Wii? (Poll)Arcanine2009109/24/2012
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