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Control style, what will you choose? (Poll)enjoines109/29/2012
Fast Hands lets you pick up weapons off the ground and ready them faster. (Archived)elheber29/29/2012
Wait.. so is "Fast Hands" aslo "Sleight of Hands"? (Archived)
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Which perks do you think will be the most valuable in this game? (Archived)
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Lets predict the most over used guns in each class! (Archived)Arcanine200949/28/2012
How well are the servers expected to run online? (Archived)TheHereAway79/28/2012
Hunter / Seeker drone... (Archived)
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Black Ops 2 comparison, PS3/Xbox 360 vs U (Archived)Non_Ado29/28/2012
Leveling Up - Unlocking Weapons (Archived)voidecho1109/28/2012
While trying to find some information on this Hardpoint mode, this happens: (Archived)kuragari1anonly39/27/2012
I am glad that I chose this game on wiiU (Archived)deeringer00789/27/2012
Black Ops 2 Zombies Reveal Trailer! (Archived)BobbyPwNz052169/27/2012
I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS of Black Ops 2!!! (Archived)
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Well, now I have my Wii U preordered. (Archived)
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FPS Wii community, be honest.. Do you like wiimote/IR or dual analog for fpsers? (Poll)
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ZOMBIE ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! Details inside (Archived)Non_Ado29/26/2012
FPS Wii Vets, what are you looking forward to most in playing a CoD game in HD (Poll)
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Headbanger Headset question (Archived)
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Shoot the little black dot... (Archived)Cubfan08289/26/2012
I now proclaim myself as supreme ruler of this new board. (Archived)
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