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Yet another SVU-AS topic (Archived)Sighted912/25/2012
Graphics (Archived)Yankees1990412/25/2012
Button Location Issues? (Archived)PuristDragon512/25/2012
Online for the Wii U, how long will it last? (Archived)Noke0612/25/2012
Why does it seem like so many wiimote users spray with out aiming? (Archived)RedYoshi27912/25/2012
Why am I always lagging? (Archived)Opfor441012/25/2012
Merry Christmas to the Wii U BO2 Community! (Archived)BirdPwNz100912/25/2012
Aren't you tired? (Archived)
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I made a new profile on BO Wii (Archived)Hawke0612/25/2012
Got a Wii U and BO2 for christmas (Archived)Deeds_412/25/2012
"The Who Wants To Play Right Now" thread. X-mas/Newcomers Edition Thread (Archived)
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Is there something I'm missing about sniper rifles? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Headbanger headset (Archived)StereoBoom712/25/2012
Got this game today.....and merry Christmas (Archived)StereoBoom812/25/2012
Classic Controller? (Archived)bCaliver312/25/2012
Merry Christmas and happy holidays. (Archived)
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Top 10 ways to get better at MP (Archived)
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Guide for the xmas noobs (Archived)robirmingham312/25/2012
a hot fix just went live (Archived)
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Is it too much to ask for, that my enemies spawn more than 5 meters away from me (Archived)SDCobalion712/25/2012
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