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So I got my copy of the game.. (Archived)
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Patch does NOT fix Wiimote controls (Archived)
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Which clan do you consider the very best? (Archived)
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can i change layout of buttons? (Archived)dajaxman512/23/2012
what ports need to be opened for this game (Archived)dajaxman912/23/2012
Connection lost, and all the kills. (Archived)sahlback612/23/2012
We should have a gamefaqs night. (Archived)
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Multi-Team is awesome. (Archived)kuragari1anonly212/23/2012
PC has 6000 online (Archived)themoth2112212/23/2012
Need some help (Archived)FriendUDontKnow112/22/2012
PKMN clan (Archived)Ceibast712/22/2012
gotta love the gamepad screen! (Archived)sparks73412/22/2012
Is it me, or is the knife extremely inconsitent in this game? (Archived)
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Best controller to use? (Archived)EternalDivide1012/22/2012
Uh oh. (Archived)
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Pharcyde, felix trapper, slightball (Archived)RICK3Y512/22/2012
Why did they start calling magazines "ckips"? (Archived)
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Any tips for not playing terribly after you prestige a gun? (Archived)RomanticWaluigi312/22/2012
Does this game start with the zombie mode or do ya have to unlock it? (Archived)Sackboy4mvp412/22/2012
icelantic: first youtube vids (Archived)Icelantic612/22/2012
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