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Hey guys, new here, few questions. (Archived)
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Just bought this game. (Archived)flame03019189/23/2013
I'm a bit confused... (Archived)pokeman451269/21/2013
bugged zoom? (Archived)woody7159/21/2013
I'm almost ready to get back in the saddle. (Archived)parkourboybryan49/20/2013
Which Wildcard do you use most often? (Poll)ZoidWildFlowers99/18/2013
Black ops 2 and monster hunter are the only.... (Archived)redkrank129/18/2013
Confusion about aim inversion when using Wiimote for guided missiles (Archived)roykoopa6419/17/2013
Got rid of my ps3 a few months ago and got a wii u... (Archived)
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black ops 2 and M Hunter only two....... (Archived)redkrank129/17/2013
Dat AN94 + C4 spam. Its just too STRONGTH. (Archived)
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Why can't I hear anyone on the mic? (Archived)leechmaster2179/16/2013
Anyone wanna add me? (Archived)pokeman451239/14/2013
LVL 55 Rush (Archived)
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anyone know how many copies this game has sold on wii u? (Archived)
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Wow, diamond camos for specials is easy... (Archived)Greggy_Poo69/13/2013
Any nice cross map Combat Axe throws you've hit? (Archived)pokeman451219/12/2013
I never thought the target finder was THAT bad (Archived)MrBIGsmile69/12/2013
Great Tri-Cap Story (Archived)
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Hardscoping LIKE A BOSS. (Archived)Tabor21109/11/2013
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