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4 years ago#1
So I've played a couple different DW/SW games, but never a Warriors Orochi game until this one and more or less everything seems similar. I downloaded the game so perhaps I'm missing a piece somewhere from the instruction booklet, but what do I have to do to get certain characters Musou attacks to do something? Is there a button combo? Do I need to be really close? Does activating it actually just increase their attack?

I just started and I don't remember the characters names yet, but I know one of the first three people you use has a Musou attack like this. Also is there anything else cool I might have missed and should know about/some tutorial to explain certain things?
4 years ago#2
I'm guessing you mean the Musou attacks of the Samurai Warriors characters, which operate differently from the Musou attacks of the Dynasty Warriors characters. (Also since you start with one Samurai Warriors character in Hanbei...)

Unlike the Musou attacks of the Dynasty Warriors characters, which is typically one heavily damaging move that's automated, Samurai Warriors characters may freely move around during their Musou attacks. You do retain invincibility, and enemy soldiers (not officers) will remain in place. In addition, during this time, you may perform a special attack by holding down the Musou attack button (A by default on the Wii U). The Musou attack ends when the Musou gauge is empty; it will slowly drain once the Musou attack is activated (thus, your Musou attack does last longer if you have the unlimited Musou powerup, for example).

(Up until Dynasty Warriors 7, IIRC, the Dynasty Warriors characters were also subject to having to hold the Musou attack button down in order to perform their Musou attacks as well)

For characters that are neither Dynasty Warriors nor Samurai Warriors in origin (basically everyone listed under "Other 2" in the character selection screen), the Japanese characters all use Samurai Warriors style Musou attacks, while the rest use Dynasty Warriors style attacks.
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4 years ago#3
Ah ok. That makes sense. I did notice that enemies that were close would sometimes get stunned and that when the bar at the bottom drained a small explosion would happen around the character, but other than that I couldn't tell what was happening. So they are invincible or they don't flinch? I could have sworn I was still taking damage and getting juggled by enemies, but I believe you since I haven't done it that much yet. It's probably been about 7 years since I played a Samurai Warriors game so I don't remember the mechanics.

So a few follow up questions if you don't mind since I can't test these until much later:

1. The invincibility question up above.
2. Does getting hit drain it faster?
3. Does using the special attack drain it fast?
4. Are there any special combos or anything else during this time?
5. Are there any other mechanics for SW/OW characters or unique to this game I should be aware of?

Thanks for all your help.
4 years ago#4
You do have limited invincibility against some enemies that are in range when you started the Musou attack, but not against others (for example, enemy offers that charge in can still hit you and juggle you).

The rules concerning Musou for the Samurai Warriors characters is the same as how it is done in Samurai Warriors 3, except that the Musou attack consumes all of the Musou Gauge when used.

There is also a slight difference between Mounted Musou between Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors characters as well, IIRC.

I've not tried any of the following, so I don't know if it is possible or the effects of doing any of the following during the Musou attack
* R1 (R on Wii U) Special
* Switch Combo (ZL or ZR on Wii U while attacking)
* Support Attack (ZR on Wii U while being attacked)
* Team Musou (in a 2P game, both players use a Musou Attack; in a 1P game, performing the Musou attack near a character for which the player has a maxed-out bond)
* True Triple Attack (ZL+ZR on Wii U)
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4 years ago#5
\From: kelvsyc | #004
* Support Attack (ZR on Wii U while being attacked)

I think I've done this on accident a few times. I wondered why one of my partners appeared from nowhere to save me.

* True Triple Attack (ZL+ZR on Wii U)

Ah I've seen this in the menu a few times and had no idea what it was. Thanks for clearing that up. Do all 3 have to have their gauge full?
4 years ago#6
true triple attack gauge is the blue one on the side and is shared between the three characters.
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4 years ago#7
So I've played a bit more, but not a lot, and I still feel like I'm missing something with Samurai Warrior based Musou attacks. They just seem lacking in comparison. Is there some sort of tactic I'm missing?
4 years ago#8
DW style Musous are more about dealing mass amounts of damage, whereas SW style Musous are more defensive in nature (escape from a mob while attacking your way out, letting go of the Musou button to reposition your character before hammering the Musou button again, etc.). (If you have the full Musou for 10 seconds buff, it's basically being able to do 2-3 Musou attacks vs a Musou attack that lasts 2-3 times longer.)
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