For the people who enjoy this for the simple action and the grind, i'd recommend

#1PedroMontanaPosted 12/7/2012 6:35:39 AM
Tank! Tank! Tank!!

It's a port of an arcade game with a strong focus on local multiplayer, but for the home version Namco included a new "Story Mission" mode.
In that mode, you can unlock 20 different tanks and stat grind and upgrade all of them. The mode also makes you progress by getting medals, and there is one medal for each of the 20 tanks in each of the 36 stages (= 720 medals).

Grinding to unlock tanks and improve stats has caught me in a similar way the Warriors/Musou games usually do, so i think some of the Warriors/Musou fans here might enjoy it too.
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You sure do love TANK TANK TANK!

I would get the game but I already have plenty to keep me occupied, im hoping for a price drop before i get that one.
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#3PedroMontana(Topic Creator)Posted 12/14/2012 4:36:28 AM(edited)
PhoenixWright2 posted...
You sure do love TANK TANK TANK!

Yes, i absolutely do, it's my favourite Wii U game so far and the only game on the horizon that might take that place away from it is The Wonderful 101.

Replayable arcade games like T!T!T! are the reason that the Dreamcast is still one of my favourite consoles, and judging from the prices some of these games go for on ebay, i can't be the only one who appreciates these games.

The problem is, reviewers stoped being able to appreciate games with replay value a long time ago. I guess it's because they have to do a certain number of reviews any months and just want to be done with games as fast as possible, which leads to two things:

- Arcade games, which are made to be highly replayable get bashed for being short.
(What's particularly weird is that these games often get low replay value rating, while many action games/action-adventures/RPGs that barely anyone would replay but are 20-120 hours long get high replay value rating - reviewers are clearly confusing replay value with raw length).

- Grindy pick up and play games like the Warriors/Musou games or T!T!T!'s Story Mission mode get bashed for being repetitive and monotonous because these characteristics obviously become more problematic when, instead of playing to game because you want to play the game, you play the game because you have to beat it within a certain time.

I feel Microsoft calling their download service Xbox Live Arcade has also done a lot of damage here. There is a big difference in value between a shoot'em up like Ikaruga, Death Smiles and Trigger Heart Exelica that managed to be successful in the very competitive atmosphere of japanese arcades, and the cheaply made western developed direct-to-download shoot'em ups that feel more like fan games to the real arcade shmups.
Revievers don't see this difference at all, it's as if movie critics would claim that all those cheap cash-in direct-to-DVD movie sequels were just as good as the movies that ran in cinemas because they are from the same genre and of the same length. (I'm talking about sequels like Hollow Man 2, Starship Trooper 2&3, Cruel Intentions 2&3.)

I would get the game but I already have plenty to keep me occupied, im hoping for a price drop before i get that one.

Yes, i know where you're coming from. Buying too many games at once is rarely a good decision as it usually leads to making very slow progress in all of the games, or just playing one game and starting on the others when they could already be bought for much less then the initial price.
I really wanted to unlock all characters in Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed until Christmas so everything is unlocked when i play local multiplayer with my friends during the holidays, but T!T!T! keeps distracting me.
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